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Small research providers express concerns about MIFiD II rules 2 Oct 2017


Website notice that a retailer is B2B only is enough to gain consumer protection exemption, rules German court 29 Sep 2017
Commission fines Scania €881 million for participation in cartel 28 Sep 2017
Siemens and Alstom agree to merge rail businesses 28 Sep 2017
EU Commission opens in-depth investigation into Essilor and Luxottica merger  27 Sep 2017
Australian public infrastructure spending expected to rebound by AU$7.3 billion 27 Sep 2017
Singapore banks closing accounts of cryptocurrency firms 27 Sep 2017
French government unveils investment plan 27 Sep 2017
EU and US sign bilateral insurance deal 26 Sep 2017
ESAs aim to standardise guidelines on money laundering prevention 25 Sep 2017
ECB raises concerns over use of cloud by fintech institutions  25 Sep 2017
Commission pushes for 'fair taxation' of digital economy in EU 25 Sep 2017
Europe plans supervision reforms to boost CMU and fintech 22 Sep 2017
French consumer association criticises banks over mobility rules 22 Sep 2017
CJEU upholds €1.47bn fines over cathode tube cartels 22 Sep 2017
European Commission proposes framework for screening foreign direct investments 22 Sep 2017
Thyssenkrupp and Tata to merge 21 Sep 2017
EU countries to probe Brexit effect on financial tax 21 Sep 2017
EU-Canada trade agreement enters into force 21 Sep 2017
Europe to set up cybersecurity agency 20 Sep 2017
Royal Bank of Scotland avoids sale of Williams & Glyn 20 Sep 2017
CJEU: Irish rules on vehicle registration tax incompatible with EU law 20 Sep 2017
Singapore cybersecurity bill delayed until 2018 20 Sep 2017
Swiss regulator closes down coin providers, issues warning 19 Sep 2017
UAE banks launch cyber threat sharing platform 18 Sep 2017
Virtual currency exchanges in China told to shut down operations by regulators 18 Sep 2017
Deutsche Börse agrees to pay fines over alleged insider trading 18 Sep 2017
A collective redundancy does not always allow the dismissal of a pregnant worker, says CJEU adviser 15 Sep 2017
European parliament and states agree to extend EFSI 15 Sep 2017
Hammond hints at financial services positioning for Brexit 14 Sep 2017
China develops electric car strategy 13 Sep 2017
Vodafone Germany to invest €2 billion in gigabit ultrafast fibre broadband 13 Sep 2017
Chinese government considers closure of bitcoin exchanges 13 Sep 2017
CJEU adviser defines criteria on imports of UK Schweppes products to Spain 13 Sep 2017

European Commission publishes guiding principles on Ireland and Northern Ireland 8 Sep 2017
Second UK Finance Bill 2017 published 8 Sep 2017
EU demands for IP protection for food after Brexit unnecessary, says expert 8 Sep 2017
China patent activity grows by almost 20% 8 Sep 2017
Leaked Brexit document shows government plans to deter EU migrants 7 Sep 2017
European Commission aims to boost long-term apprenticeships abroad  7 Sep 2017
Taiwan proposes new rules on health supplements 7 Sep 2017
China bans initial coin offerings, HK tightens regulations 6 Sep 2017
China imposes new regulations on money market funds 6 Sep 2017
Commission approves German rescue aid to Air Berlin 5 Sep 2017
Germany to double mobility fund 5 Sep 2017
China approves merger of state-owned energy firms 5 Sep 2017
New EU car emission tests now mandatory 4 Sep 2017
Six banks join blockchain digital coin group 1 Sep 2017
China plans crackdown on insurance rule breakers 1 Sep 2017


Saudi Arabia opens VAT registration 31 Aug 2017
Germania takes legal action over state loan to Air Berlin 31 Aug 2017
South Australia seeks proposals for renewables projects 31 Aug 2017
Hong Kong and Dubai regulators sign fintech cooperation agreement 30 Aug 2017
ECB fines Irish bank Permanent TSB for breaching liquidity requirements 30 Aug 2017
Singapore sets up taskforce to develop common QR code for payments 30 Aug 2017
Airbnb offers more openness to gain access to Singapore market 29 Aug 2017
European Commission approves Selecta acquisition of vending company Pelican Rouge  29 Aug 2017
Germany pushes for tighter foreign takeover rules 25 Aug 2017
Saudi Arabia to transfer airports to sovereign fund prior to privatisation 25 Aug 2017
Big technology companies have had more influence than fintech on banking, says report 24 Aug 2017
Singapore company promises PM new e-payments proposal within 14 days 24 Aug 2017
Chinese shoemakers ordered to pay New Balance $1.5 million 24 Aug 2017
European Commission launches in-depth investigation of Bayer acquisition of Monsanto 24 Aug 2017
BREXIT: Direct jurisdiction of CJEU must end, says UK government 23 Aug 2017
Victorian government announces renewable energy legislation and auction 23 Aug 2017
Singapore High Court sets aside international award against Lesotho  23 Aug 2017
Some claims could still be influenced by CJEU under Brexit dispute resolution proposals 23 Aug 2017 
Removing passenger tax would bolster German airlines, says minister 23 Aug 2017
Total to buy Maersk Oil 23 Aug 2017

Chevron withdraws appeal over Australian tax 22 Aug 2017
Ryanair lodges competition complaints over Air Berlin insolvency 21 Aug 2017
Business adopts ‘wait and see’ approach to Brexit, says survey 21 Aug 2017
Singapore to encourage use of electronic payments 21 Aug 2017
German court challenges ECB over bond-buying scheme 18 Aug 2017
Scottish parliament fights cyber attack 17 Aug 2017
UK aims to avoid border posts in Ireland 16 Aug 2017
Singapore court awards S$4 million over bad reference 16 Aug 2017
Hong Kong Competition Commission accuses construction firms of market sharing and price fixing 16 Aug 2017
SoftBank invests in biopharmaceutical project 16 Aug 2017
Rail project to cut transport time across Malaysia 16 Aug 2017
UK aims for transitional customs deal with EU 15 Aug 2017
Australia proposes fire-safety updates to national construction code 15 Aug 2017
Hong Kong Competition Commission issues first block exemption order 15 Aug 2017
European Commission authorises acquisition of LBC Tank Terminals 14 Aug 2017
Singapore authorities issue warning on digital tokens 11 Aug 2017
Germany consumer protection body threatens legal action against O2 on roaming 10 Aug 2017
Bahrain begins development of solar power policies 10 Aug 2017
China tells SOEs to improve scrutiny on foreign investments 10 Aug 2017
CBA cuts senior staff pay in response to money laundering allegations 10 Aug 2017
Commission finds no competition concerns in Santander acquisition of Banco Popular 9 Aug 2017
EU regulator calls for tougher regulations on state aid for banks 9 Aug 2017
Poland warns that planned changes to EU labour laws will harm economy 8 Aug 2017
EBA identifies future work on fintech 8 Aug 2017
Singapore sets up payments council in push for e-payments 7 Aug 2017
French parliament approves Macron's fast-track bill for labour law reforms 4 Aug 2017
UK bill to ensure sanctions powers post-Brexit 4 Aug 2017
Singapore reviewing workplace safety law 4 Aug 2017
French court rules on cost of blocking injunctions 3 Aug 2017
European Commission concerned by banks' research pricing 2 Aug 2017
Commission begins assessment of bids to host EU agencies 2 Aug 2017
Singapore clarifies stance on digital tokens 2 Aug 2017
Commission approves public support to Frankfurt-Hahn airport 2 Aug 2017
EBA: European banks' asset encumbrance increases 2 Aug 2017
SGX allows dual class shares for secondary listings 1 Aug 2017
Chinese P2P lender Hongling Capital pulling out of market 1 Aug 2017
Singapore aims to improve conditions for term contract employees 1 Aug 2017


German media groups aim to create data alliance 31 Jul 2017
France and Belgium told to end tax exemptions for ports 28 Jul 2017
Australia and UAE form fintech alliance 28 Jul 2017
UAE, Kuwait promise oil production cut 28 Jul 2017
Uber France partners with Axa to offer insurance cover for drivers 28 Jul 2017
Asia Pacific consumers lack confidence in online security, says survey 28 Jul 2017
CJEU: Planned PNR agreement between EU and Canada must be reworked 28 Jul 2017
Shanghai establishes intellectual property protection centre 28 Jul 2017
Permanent Court of Arbitration to set up office in Singapore 27 Jul 2017
Ongoing trade mark deception does not negate statutory limits on legal proceedings, French court rules 26 Jul 2017
Lords committee launches new inquiry into financial regulation and supervision  26 Jul 2017
Alibaba wins counterfeit kitten food case 26 Jul 2017
Insurance Capital Standard not fit for use, says ABI 25 Jul 2017
Anti-money laundering reforms not implemented in majority of EU countries, says commissioner 24 Jul 2017
Germany introduces law permitting automated vehicles 14 Jul 2017
St Albans loses legal challenge over 'duty to cooperate' 14 Jul 2017
CMA raises concerns over London to Exeter rail competition 13 Jul 2017
UAE to make residential property and passenger transport exempt from VAT 13 Jul 2017
Supreme Court grants equal pension rights to gay couple 13 Jul 2017
Iberia drops pregnancy test requirement for new employees 12 Jul 2017
UK pharmaceutical industry requests judicial review of NHS drugs pricing policy 12 Jul 2017
Singapore proposes stringent cybersecurity rules 11 Jul 2017
China breaks records in combustible ice extraction  10 Jul 2017


Seven European banks to launch blockchain platform for SME finance 29 Jun 2017
Germany to create national diesel forum to cut car emissions 29 Jun 2017
French market regulator proposes ESMA reforms 28 Jun 2017
German court finds telecoms storage law is not compatible with EU 28 Jun 2017
Commission approves French support for Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle rail line 27 Jun 2017
Italy given permission to aid failing banks 26 Jun 2017
UK manufacturers need EU nationals, says report 26 Jun 2017
Hard Brexit may cause 18,000 job losses in German automotive sector 26 Jun 2017
MSPs condemn government approach to freedom of information 23 Jun 2017
Europe proposes tighter rules for tax planners 22 Jun 2017
Singapore signs agreements on tax cooperation 22 Jun 2017
New South Wales government commits A$72.7 billion over four years to infrastructure investment 21 Jun 2017
Bahrain launches regulatory sandbox for fintech firms 21 Jun 2017
European Commission approves French and German state aid for Airbus X6 helicopter 20 Jun 2017
ECB to require banks to report all cyber attacks 20 Jun 2017
EBA highlights need for better EU coordination on fintech 19 Jun 2017
AIIB to invest $20 billion in five years 19 Jun 2017
Medixi launches $300 million European late-stage life sciences fund backed by Google company 16 Jun 2017
European police break up counter antivirus ring 16 Jun 2017
Duplicate contract bridge is a sport for VAT purposes, says CJEU adviser 15 Jun 2017
Europe to investigate Qualcomm acquisition of NXP 15 Jun 2017
Hong Kong High Court rejects claim of Crown immunity by Chinese state-owned enterprise 15 Jun 2017
CJEU: National legislation can require mediation in consumer disputes 15 Jun 2017
Commission launches antitrust investigation into licensing practices of Nike, Sanrio and Universal Studios 14 Jun 2017
European Commission gives regulators more power over clearing market 14 Jun 2017
Hong Kong joins AIIB 14 Jun 2017
MAS and ASBA sign fintech agreement 12 Jun 2017
EBA stress test to improve transparency 9 Jun 2017
Australia needs nationwide plan to secure electricity supply, says report 9 Jun 2017
European Commission approves purchase of Banco Popular by Santander 8 Jun 2017
ESMA promises no more MiFID II delays 8 Jun 2017
Machine learning adopted by half of top insurers 7 Jun 2017
Australia and Singapore sign cybersecurity cooperation agreement 6 Jun 2017
Europe and China begin talks on state aid 6 Jun 2017
Ocado signs licence deal for Smart Platform with un-named retailer 6 Jun 2017
ESMA fines Moody's in Germany and UK €1.24 million for lack of transparency 5 Jun 2017
Singapore backs S$380 million in loans to marine and offshore industry 5 Jun 2017
Deutsche Bank signs $3 billion infrastructure deal with China Development Bank 2 Jun 2017
BREXIT: ESMA warns NCAs against allowing EU shell companies  1 Jun 2017
CMA considers proposed remedies to competition concerns over online auction firm ATG Media 1 Jun 2017
EU reaches agreement on reviving securitisation market 1 Jun 2017


BREXIT: UK faces renegotiating 759 treaties with non-EU countries 31 May 2017
Retirement age must move as life expectancy grows, says WEF  31 May 2017
EU adopts rules to tackle tax avoidance involving non-EU countries 31 May 2017
EU agrees to fund free community Wi-Fi hotspots 31 May 2017
ESMA clarifies scope of MiFID II trading reporting requirements for OTC derivatives 25 May 2017
China successfully extracts gas from methane hydrate in South China Sea 23 May 2017
Australia Post to help government develop identity platform 22 May 2017
EU proposes allowing use of online subscriptions while abroad 19 May 2017
Automatic opt-in provisions for arbitration to lapse in Hong Kong 19 May 2017
European Commission widens scope of the General Block Exemption Regulation 19 May 2017
Rwanda e-procurement system to reduce costs from delayed and abandoned projects 18 May 2017
European Commission approves state aid for French gas-fired power plant 17 May 2017
German bank not too low-risk to be supervised by ECB 17 May 2017
Siemens wins €790 million substation contract in Qatar 17 May 2017
Over half of UAE businesses unprepared for VAT 17 May 2017
BREXIT: CJEU opinion on EU-Singapore trade deal may show promise for Brexit, says expert 17 May 2017
Court of Appeal determines approach for deciding loss where litigation solicitors miss second claim 16 May 2017
United Internet and Drillisch to merge German telecoms services 16 May 2017
Protection increased for heritage buildings in Queensland, Australia 15 May 2017
OCBC Bank to buy NAB's private wealth business in Singapore and Hong Kong 12 May 2017
Advocate general: Uber is a transport firm subject to national regulations 12 May 2017
OECD: New technology underused by business 11 May 2017
BREXIT: Hiscox insurance to set up Luxembourg base 11 May 2017
Hong Kong aims to improve cybersecurity for stock trading 11 May 2017
DIFC companies allowed dual licences to operate across Dubai 11 May 2017
Australian plans AU$70 billion investment in infrastructure 11 May 2017
BREXIT: EU considers models for future EU-UK public procurement relationship 11 May 2017
Commission plans personal data protection campaign 10 May 2017
AML drive pushing businesses out of banking system  10 May 2017
Saudi Arabia reinstates bonuses for state employees 10 May 2017
European Commission proposes changes to EMIR derivatives rules 9 May 2017
European Commission approves French renewable energy initiatives under state aid rules 9 May 2017
CJEU: Luxembourg interpretation of EU VAT exemption too wide 8 May 2017
Commission accepts e-book commitments from Amazon 8 May 2017
CJEU advisor: German law on employees’ representatives is compatible with EU law 8 May 2017
Renewable energy briefly provides majority of German power  8 May 2017
Singapore to push e-commerce and digital economy as ASEAN leader next year 8 May 2017
MEP committee backs proposal to lower VAT on e-books 5 May 2017
BREXIT: Standard Chartered to open EU subsidiary in Frankfurt 4 May 2017
Ryanair to seek €10 million tax refund from France 3 May 2017
UAE approves $111 million in infrastructure projects 3 May 2017
UAE approves new drone regulations 3 May 2017
Australian government to build second Sydney airport 3 May 2017
Europe publishes labour market principles as part of social rights 'pillar'  2 May 2017
CJEU confirms tax investigation documents can be used in cartel case 2 May 2017
BREXIT: EMA faced with €347 million rent bill for empty London offices 2 May 2017


Australia cuts LNG exports to protect domestic supply 28 Apr 2017
EU reaches agreement on gas sharing 28 Apr 2017
Advocate general: flight attendants' employment contracts based in jurisdiction where most obligations carried out 28 Apr 2017
Singapore: Use of rival directory data not breach of copyright 27 Apr 2017
Advocate general: CJEU should dismiss Toshiba cartel appeal 27 Apr 2017
Singapore government and industry team up to tackle money laundering 27 Apr 2017
Saudi Arabia to offer 1GW of contracts to buy renewable energy 26 Apr 2017
Organisations fear lack of preparedness for GDPR could put them out of business 26 Apr 2017
France begins investigation into PSA Group emissions cheating 26 Apr 2017
Oil and gas M&A activity starts 2017 at "blistering pace" 26 Apr 2017
CJEU begins hearing on French legislation and Uber 26 Apr 2017
Singapore judge halts litigation over "vexatious and oppressive conduct" 25 Apr 2017
Hong Kong to improve data protection regulations after hacks 25 Apr 2017
Australia and China agree cybersecurity cooperation plan 25 Apr 2017
China SOEs plan production cuts 25 Apr 2017
Australia Northern Territory contributes to LNG study 21 Apr 2017
Cyber security compromises hit 90% of Australian organisations 21 Apr 2017
China tax changes to cut costs for business 21 Apr 2017
Atlantia proposes tie up with Spanish rival Abertis 19 Apr 2017
EU plans for blockchain 'observatory' raise concerns, says expert 19 Apr 2017
Singapore proposes changes to insurance protection scheme 19 Apr 2017
BlackBerry awarded $814.9 million royalty refund from Qualcomm 13 Apr 2017
SWIFT sets stiffer security measures for banks in its network 13 Apr 2017
Japan plans second test to extract gas from methane hydrate deposits 13 Apr 2017
EBA: EU regulators have implemented robust IT systems and processes for receiving firms' data 12 Apr 2017
European Commission opens investigation into German plans for electricity capacity reserve 11 Apr 2017
BREXIT: Banks told to show Brexit plans to PRA 10 Apr 2017
European Parliament takes final step to abolish EU roaming charges 10 Apr 2017
BREXIT: MEPs reach agreement on Brexit negotiation 10 Apr 2017
Europe imposes higher anti-dumping duties on hot-rolled flat steel from China 7 Apr 2017
EU court adviser: French endive growers cannot avoid antitrust law 7 Apr 2017
EU adopts new rules on medical devices 6 Apr 2017
Oil firms in Middle East to invest $58 billion this year, says report 6 Apr 2017
CJEU: Forge de Laguiole owns Laguiole trade mark, but only for cutlery and knives 6 Apr 2017
Qatar to restart drilling in world's largest gas field after 12 year freeze 6 Apr 2017
Deutsche Bank buys stake in receivables auction platform TrustBills 6 Apr 2017
Singapore data protection watchdog revises guidelines on healthcare anonymisation  6 Apr 2017
Non-performing loans and low profitability main risks for banking sector 5 Apr 2017
FCA stresses deadline for MiFID applications 4 Apr 2017
Australia competition body denies banks permission to collectively bargain with Apple  4 Apr 2017
Dubai seizes three million counterfeit goods 3 Apr 2017
Singapore launches employment tribunals for white-collar workers 3 Apr 2017
Nigeria sells $500 million Eurobond 3 Apr 2017


BREXIT: Lloyd's of London to open Brussels subsidiary  31 Mar 2017
China air pollution plan brings restrictions to coal, cement and steel industries 31 Mar 2017
European Commission blocks LSE-Deutsche Börse merger 30 Mar 2017
Bahrain agreement aims to boost fintech 30 Mar 2017
BREXIT: German firms predict serious damage to trade with UK 30 Mar 2017
BREXIT: Qatar to invest £5 billion in post-Brexit UK 29 Mar 2017
Commission clears merger between Dow and DuPont 29 Mar 2017
CJEU upholds sanctions against Rosneft 29 Mar 2017
Australia introduces diverted profits tax 29 Mar 2017
BREXIT: Major bank invests in new London headquarters 28 Mar 2017
EU and EEA countries agree on cross-border automated transport tests 28 Mar 2017
Commission proposes to increase antitrust powers for national bodies 28 Mar 2017
Singapore Competition Commission approves merger between shipping companies 27 Mar 2017
AIIB membership reaches 70 24 Mar 2017
Hong Kong Competition Commission takes bid-rigging case to tribunal 24 Mar 2017
European Parliament and Council agree on home appliance energy scale 23 Mar 2017
Saudi Aramco to launch $2 billion sukuk bond 23 Mar 2017
CMA offers £100,000 to cartel whistleblowers 22 Mar 2017
Amgen refund offer opens it to speculative litigation, says expert 22 Mar 2017
VAT legal challenge against Uber announced 21 Mar 2017
TCI threatens to sue Safran board members over takeover bid 21 Mar 2017
Singapore sets up digital technology group to boost 'smart nation' ambition 21 Mar 2017
Commission re-adopts air cargo cartel decision 20 Mar 2017
European Commission launches anonymous tool for cartel whistleblowers 17 Mar 2017
New UK anti money laundering rules to exempt most gambling providers 17 Mar 2017
European Parliament backs stronger rights for shareholders 16 Mar 2017
CJEU: Personal data use permission applies throughout EU 16 Mar 2017
Saudi Arabia confirms commitment to oil production cut 16 Mar 2017
Tesla promises to solve South Australian power issues in 100 days or make no charge 16 Mar 2017
EU product liability law does not require scientific proof of causation, says advocate general 15 Mar 2017
China to increase IP rights trials 15 Mar 2017
Singapore arbitration centre announces record figures 15 Mar 2017
Singapore plans data protection certification 15 Mar 2017
CJEU: Employers can ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols 15 Mar 2017
GCC governments owe over $2.5 billion to contractors 15 Mar 2017
Car air conditioning and engine cooling cartel fined €155 million 13 Mar 2017
Jack Monroe wins libel case against Katie Hopkins 13 Mar 2017
Wood Group to merge with Amec Foster Wheeler 13 Mar 2017
Singapore International Arbitration Centre and courts can appoint tribunal despite 'bare' arbitration clause 10 Mar 2017
Use of hacking tools or hacked data to be criminalised in Singapore 10 Mar 2017
Germany votes to ratify Unified Patent Court 10 Mar 2017
UK threatened with EU bill over Chinese customs fraud 10 Mar 2017
Singapore regulator reports successful inter-bank payments using blockchain 10 Mar 2017
Alibaba founder asks Chinese government to crack down on counterfeits 9 Mar 2017
Singapore and Abu Dhabi to collaborate on fintech development 9 Mar 2017
Germany to roll out €100 billion gigabit internet network 9 Mar 2017
Singapore Data Innovation Programme Office to facilitate data-driven innovation projects 7 Mar 2017
PSA Group acquisition of Opel and Vauxhall raises concerns about UK plants, say experts 8 Mar 2017
Singapore changes rules to attract foreign entrepreneurs 8 Mar 2017
Singapore raises salary threshold for local workers 8 May 2017
UAE plans to ban import of drones 8 Mar 2017
MEPs approve plan for Commission to vet oil and gas deals with third countries 6 Mar 2017
MAS approves first fintech sandbox user 6 Mar 2017
Cost of after-sales call must not exceed standard phone call 6 May 2017
Commission outlines potential scenarios for future of Europe 2 Mar 2017
SNCM must repay €220 million in state aid to France 2 Mar 2017
European banks continue to improve capital positions 1 Mar 2017
Proposed changes to Singapore Trustees Act aim to enhance reputation as international finance centre 1 Mar 2017
Complaints continue over payday loans and PPI 1 Mar 2017


Singapore PM proposes online identification system 28 Feb 2017
Further reforms planned for Chinese SOEs 28 Feb 2017
LSE-Deutsche Börse merger at risk over antitrust issue 27 Feb 2017
Proposed changes to Singapore GST system would level playing field for local businesses 27 Feb 2017
WTO trade facilitation agreement comes into force 27 Feb 2017
Work begins on electricity connection between UK and France 24 Feb 2017
European financial sector lacks understanding of money laundering risks, say ESAs 24 Feb 2017
Turkey aims for two-thirds of energy supply to be local within 10 years 24 Feb 2017
BoE head warns against "currency nationalism 24 Feb 2017
EU agrees rules to tackle tax avoidance involving non-EU countries  23 Feb 2017
GCC companies face VAT challenges, says Fitch 23 Feb 2017
Australia invests in cybersecurity training 23 Feb 2017
Singapore launches cybersecurity lab in university 23 Feb 2017
China to begin construction of 35 railway projects 22 Feb 2017
Singapore plans improved cybersecurity, digital campaign for SMEs  22 Feb 2017
EU invests €444 million in energy infrastructure 22 Feb 2017
European Commission breached fundamental rights in Irish tax decision, says Apple  21 Feb 2017
EU to update procedures for implementing legislation 21 Feb 2017
Qatar arbitration law introduced 21 Feb 2017
EBA objects to Commission plans to amend draft RTS 20 Feb 2017
Singapore Exchange considers dual class share structure 20 Feb 2017
European Parliament backs CETA trade deal with Canada 17 Feb 2017
Singapore eases regulation of venture capital funds 17 Feb 2017
CMA to investigate Heineken purchase of Punch Taverns 17 Feb 2017
Peugeot in talks over acquisition of GM's European business 17 Feb 2017
Member states warned over delay in adoption of cartel-damages law 16 Feb 2017
CJEU: EU can conclude Marrakesh Treaty without involving member states 16 Feb 2017
German electric car infrastructure does not constitute state aid, says Commission 15 Feb 2017
Australia passes data breach notification law 15 Feb 2017
MAS plans data analytics group for finance sector 15 Feb 2017
MAS to improve finance access for startups 13 Feb 2017
Singapore plans future economy 13 Feb 2017
Swiss voters reject corporate tax proposals 13 Feb 2017
Qatar approves draft law on domestic workers 13 Feb 2017
UAE VAT registration to begin in October 13 Feb 2017
Airbnb pays €7.3 million in tax to French authorities 13 Feb 2017
Three companies fined €68 million for car battery recycling cartel 13 Feb 2017
Qatar likely to need 'external sources of funding' to deliver World Cup infrastructure projects, says expert 10 Feb 2017
Singapore update to planning laws could allow short-term rentals 10 Feb 2017
Switzerland to vote on corporate tax unification 6 Feb 2017
Review adjudicator entitled to review entire adjudication determination, says Singapore High Court 6 Feb 2017
BREXIT: Frictionless border with Ireland impossible, government is told 3 Feb 2017
EIOPA publishes final technical advice on implementing the Insurance Distribution Directive 3 Feb 2017
EU roaming charges agreed 2 Feb 2017
Dubai financial authority proposes framework for loan-based crowdfunding 2 Feb 2017
Ireland misses deadline to collect Apple tax 2 Feb 2017
Europe needs AMC to deal with non-performing loans, says EBA 2 Feb 2017
Deutsche Bank stops investing in coal projects 1 Feb 2017
Western Australia launches fund to boost rural telecommunications infrastructure 1 Feb 2017


Russian anti-dumping duties on light commercial vehicles are illegal, says WTO 31 Jan 2017
French telecoms regulator concerned about under-investment in networks 21 Jan 2017
China disappointed by EU anti-dumping extension 31 Jan 2017
BREXIT: FCA head asks for EU access for banks that conform to 'global standards' 30 Jan 2017
CJEU dismisses majority of appeals in bathroom fixtures cartel case 30 Jan 2017
Spanish pension schemes to be exempt from central clearing under EMIR 27 Jan 2017
Apple files complaints against Qualcomm in China 27 Jan 2017
Hong Kong may open criminal proceedings on import of Singaporean armoured vehicles 26 Jan 2017
BREXIT: EIB may allow Britain to remain member 25 Jan 2017
EU asks for feedback on Amazon proposals for publishers' contracts  25 Jan 2017
AIIB to gain 25 new members 25 Jan 2017
Australia draws up list of critical infrastructure  25 Jan 2017
Trump pulls US out of TPP pact, partners consider options 25 Jan 2017
Singapore to extend rail network by 15% 25 Jan 2017
Alibaba follows Amazon into physical shop investments 24 Jan 2017
EU considers changes, extension to EMIR for pensions industry 24 Jan 2017
Dubai developers must gain SIRA approval 23 Jan 2017
France launches new export credit agency 20 Jan 2017
Singapore aims to increase transparency on ownership of trusts 20 Jan 2017
Alibaba announces anti-counterfeiting partnership with major brands 19 Jan 2017
Australia's energy bills likely to rise as result of LNG policy, says report 19 Jan 2017
Singapore government cannot invoke anti-harassment law as a 'person' 19 Jan 2017
EU banks increase capital ratios, reduce bad loans, says EBA 19 Jan 2017
Investment in green energy falls 18% 17 Jan 2017
OECD: New policy frameworks needed to manage adoption of health technologies 16 Jan 2017
China to promote use of PPP in Belt and Road projects 16 Jan 2017
BREXIT: Oxford and Cambridge set to gain most from fee changes 16 Jan 2017
Regulators may prevent investors from accessing funds in exceptional circumstances 13 Jan 2017
UAE plans to spend AED 600 billion on energy, with focus on renewables 13 Jan 2017
BREXIT: German firms unconcerned about Brexit 13 Jan 2017
Singapore raises 're-employment' age 12 Jan 2017
Singapore allows third party funding in international commercial arbitration  12 Jan 2017
BREXIT: Academics consider leaving UK 11 Jan 2017
Qatar announces airport expansion 10 Jan 2017
PRA contacts banks over deadline readiness 9 Jan 2017
Strikes threatened over nuclear pensions changes 9 Jan 2017
Singapore financial firms to establish tax status of customers 9 Jan 2017
Indonesia introduces new regulations for fintech startups 6 Jan 2017
Singapore International Arbitration Centre announces investment arbitration rules 6 Jan 2017
Apple to invest $1 billion in Japan's SoftBank technology fund 6 Jan 2017
Alibaba sues counterfeit watch sellers 6 Jan 2017
Shenzhen and Hong Kong to build joint technology park 6 Jan 2017
Basel III meeting on global banking reforms delayed 5 Jan 2017
Singapore proposes changes to Companies Act 5 Jan 2017