Out-Law news 2016

Articles written for Out-Law in 2016:


Singapore Court of Appeal stresses limits in interpretation of contracts 23 Dec 2016
Eskom issues RFI for South African nuclear project 23 Dec 2016
Next EBA stress test to be held in 2018 22 Dec 2016
ESAs consider risks and benefits of big data 22 Dec 2016

BREXIT: Deal must cover every region and every sector, says CBI 22 Dec 2016
CMA launches investigation into ticket resellers 21 Dec 2016
Euronext purchase of LCH to smooth LSE merger with Deutsche Börse 21 Dec 2016
Equivalence decisions adopted for CCPs and trading venues in non-EU jurisdictions 21 Dec 2016
BREXIT: Scotland should remain in EU single market, says Sturgeon 20 Dec 2016
European Commission has exceeded its powers in Apple ruling, says Ireland 20 Dec 2016
UAE issues new vehicle insurance tariff system 20 Dec 2016
Chinese regulator calls for tough approach to insurance law 19 Dec 2016
BREXIT: Lloyd's of London preparing for EU move 19 Dec 2016
BREXIT: May makes bid for pre-Brexit deal on residents' rights 16 Dec 2016
Oil glut to end by mid 2017 if producers stick to deal, says IEA 16 Dec 2016
Insurance Block Exemption Regulation to end in 2017, Commission confirms 16 Dec 2016
Governments sign Kuala Lumpur to Singapore high speed rail agreement  14 Dec 2016
Value of European listings falls by 50% 14 Dec 2016
Cyber attacks escalating in SWIFT global banking system 13 Dec 2016
Singapore Airlines gains competition clearance for Lufthansa merger 13 Dec 2016
Europe reaches deal giving shareholders influence on executive pay 12 Dec 2016
BREXIT: Article 50 revocability court challenge to go ahead in Irish High Court 12 Dec 2016
Commission refers France to CJEU over taxation of dividends 12 Dec 2016
Australian electricity industry bodies call for carbon policy certainty  12 Dec 2016
EU to vet states' oil and gas deals with third countries 12 Dec 2016
BREXIT: Brexit poses risk of a 'cliff edge' for UK universities, says Cambridge 9 Dec 2016
Europe to launch legal action against countries over diesel emissions cheating 9 Dec 2016
UK and Hong Kong regulators agree deal to cooperate on fintech 9 Dec 2016
Chinese exchange controls are disrupting operations for European businesses 8 Dec 2016
Adani applies for Australian government funding for mine project 8 Dec 2016
Europe concludes derivatives cartel investigations with €485 million in fines 7 Dec 2016
Due diligence and 'time of the essence' can be implied in Singapore contract 7 Dec 2016
Design of private funded pensions must be improved, says OECD 7 Dec 2016
MEP committee votes to liberalise domestic rail markets 7 Dec 2016
Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock exchange goes live 7 Dec 2016
Government rejects call to exempt banks and insurance companies from restrictions on corporate interest payments 6 Dec 2016
Carmichael coal mine given approval for rail link and camp 6 Dec 2016
Sydney to add 24 trains to boost network 6 Dec 2016
Qatar changes visa rules for foreign workers 5 Dec 2016
VAT on cross-border e-commerce sales to be paid in EU country where consumer is based 5 Dec 2016
EBA amends supervisory reporting standards to reflect IFRS9 5 Dec 2016
Capacity mechanisms must be accompanied by market reforms 2 Dec 2016
European Commission and Germany agree on road charging scheme 2 Dec 2016
OECD: Tax revenues continue to rise in advanced economies 2 Dec 2016
Singapore to reintroduce finance schemes to support marine and offshore engineering companies 2 Dec 2016
Car manufacturers to offer Europe-wide charging network 1 Dec 2016
MEPs agree caps on wholesale roaming prices 1 Dec 2016


Singapore mobile operators to collaborate on mobile phone authentication standard 30 Nov 2016
Strict limits proposed on mobile roaming use 29 Nov 2016
European Council agrees to remove geoblocking 29 Nov 2016
Cyber attack hits 900,000 Deutsche Telekom customers 29 Nov 2016
Commission changes CRD IV to ease remuneration burden on smaller banks 24 Nov 2016
Skyscanner bought by Chinese travel agent Ctrip 24 Nov 2016
Europe proposes changes to bankruptcy rules 23 Nov 2016
Autumn Statement: UK government looks to crack down on pension scams 23 Nov 2016
Singapore's employers introduce more work-life balance initiatives 23 Nov 2016
BREXIT: Canadian finance minister says UK not top of trade priorities 23 Nov 2016
Airbnb aims to boost number of tax agreements to reduce risks 22 Nov 2016
Citibank Ireland to retain access to EU market due to ECB supervision 22 Nov 2016
Merkel calls for balanced approach to data protection 21 Nov 2016
Bank Indonesia launches fintech office 21 Nov 2016
Singapore to help fund fintech trials 21 Nov 2016
Two telcos prequalified for Singapore spectrum auction 18 Nov 2016
Renewables and natural gas to win race to meet energy demand growth 18 Nov 2016
MAS issues guidelines on regulatory sandbox 18 Nov 2016
Australian Securities Exchange says blockchain ideal for health records  17 Nov 2016
MEPs reach agreement on money market fund regulations 17 Nov 2016
MAS trials blockchain for inter-bank payments 16 Nov 2016
South Africa chamber of mines welcomes limit to power of inspectorate 16 Nov 2016
Germany continues nanotechnology action plan 16 Nov 2016
CJEU: Older candidates can be excluded when recruiting police officers for operational duties 16 Nov 2016
Dubai businessman and Saudi wealth fund launch e-commerce platform 16 Nov 2016
BREXIT: Hard Brexit will bring £1.2 billion hit to British importers, says study 15 Nov 2016
European Commissions seeks views on tackling tax avoidance advisers 14 Nov 2016
Singapore authority reviewing VC regulation to boost startups 14 Nov 2016
Singapore telecoms regulator given wider powers 14 Nov 2016
Singapore credit bureaux to be supervised by MAS 11 Nov 2016
European Commission confirms one year postponement of PRIIPS  10 Nov 2016
Europe approves amended French electricity capacity mechanism 10 Nov 2016
EU proposes changes to anti-dumping legislation  9 Nov 2016
BREXIT: Scottish government to intervene in Brexit court case 9 Nov 2016
UAE announcement points to imminent tax plans 9 Nov 2016
Singapore Parliament considers draft law allowing third party funding of arbitration 8 Nov 2016
EBA recommends change to calculation of target level for resolution financing  2 Nov 2016
China to develop online company name banks to replace pre-approval process 2 Nov 2016
FRC asks for greater clarity around reporting of tax uncertainties 2 Nov 2016
UK government announces £1.9 billion cybersecurity investment 1 Nov 2016
BREXIT: ESMA urges companies to disclose potential Brexit impact 1 Nov 2016
Societe Generale to stop all coal-related lending in move towards renewables 1 Nov 2016
Australia and New Zealand launch infrastructure 'pipeline' website 1 Nov 2016


BREXIT: UK promised no tariff costs to Nissan 31 Oct 2016
Singapore telco visits customers' homes to secure devices after cyberattack 31 Oct 2016
CJEU: An extension to state aid counts as new aid 31 Oct 2016
CJEU: Reform of pension finance for France Télécom constituted state aid 28 Oct 2016
New EU law on antitrust powers planned for 2017 28 Oct 2016
EU field-mapping systems need improvement, say auditors 27 Oct 2016
BREXIT: Ireland proposes hosting EBA 27 Oct 2016
EU announces common corporate tax plan 26 Oct 2016
BREXIT: Brexit to hit German growth, study says 26 Oct 2016
Renewables surpass coal as largest source of installed power capacity 26 Oct 2016
Poor security led to Singapore data breach 26 Oct 2016
CMA warns against government power to block mergers 25 Oct 2016
Eighteen arrested in EU-wide VAT fraud operation 24 Oct 2016
Switzerland aims to boost competitiveness of banking industry  24 Oct 2016
New South Wales sells electricity grid to all-Australian consortium 21 Oct 2016
Qatar to allow 100% foreign investment in projects  21 Oct 2016
GCC needs gas regulator to develop pricing mechanism, says report 21 Oct 2016
CJEU: German legislation on prescription medicine prices is contrary to EU law 20 Oct 2016
FCA to end banking league table 'misrepresentation' 19 Oct 2016
German authority tells Tesla to stop using term 'autopilot' 19 Oct 2016
Australian schools could breach TPP copyright rules due to error in safe harbour agreement 19 Oct 2016
Employees of Australian Crown Resorts arrested in China for 'gambling crimes' 19 Oct 2016
Deadly explosion at BASF plant in Germany 19 Oct 2016
SoftBank and Saudi Arabia plan joint technology fund 18 Oct 2016
MEPs back draft law on gas supply security  18 Oct 2016
Germany plans €5 billion investment in school and college internet 14 Oct 2016
German court rejects challenge to CETA trade deal 14 Oct 2016
Saudi Aramco to invest more than $300 billion in oil and gas projects in next decade 14 Oct 2016
Call to end EU trade measures on Chinese solar cells 14 Oct 2016
Singapore to invest S$10 million in ASEAN cybersecurity 13 Oct 2016
Financial services firms need clear cybersecurity plans, say G7 ministers 13 Oct 2016
Shipping giant Maersk experiments with blockchain for bills of lading 13 Oct 2016
Dubai tightens rules on build quality 12 Oct 2016
Commission concerned about "backdoor" tax advantages in Ireland, says Vestager  12 Oct 2016
Singapore branch of Falcon Bank ordered to close over money laundering failures 12 Oct 2016
Dubai shipping terminal operator begins construction of ME's largest solar rooftop 12 Oct 2016
Singapore will increase cybersecurity capability as part of new strategy 11 Oct 2016
South Australia power blackouts due to transmission system faults in extreme weather 10 Oct 2016
Singapore launches digital public services agency  10 Oct 2016
New permits required for Dubai property advertising 10 Oct 2016
German minister threatens social media platforms over racist posts 7 Oct 2016
EU proposes bankruptcy protection for small business 5 Oct 2016
EU plans clearing house protection by other financial institutions 5 Oct 2016
Crown dependency tax information due to HMRC 5 Oct 2016
EU regulators to be asked to investigate investment fund fees and transparency 5 Oct 2016
Contractors vie for Australian Capital Territory street lighting project 5 Oct 2016
JP Morgan building private version of blockchain platform 5 Oct 2016
UAE wage decree comes into force 4 Oct 2016
EU banks still show low profitability and high levels of non-performing loans, says EBA 3 Oct 2016
Singapore allows online gambling 3 Oct 2016
European pharmaceutical sector loses €10.2 billion every year to fake medicine 3 Oct 2016


BREXIT: French authorities to accept English-language applications from UK financial services firms 30 Sep 2016
Worldpay launches data analysis service for customers 29 Sep 2016
EU to investigate proposed merger of LSE and Deutsche Börse 29 Sep 2016
Microsoft and Bank of America to develop blockchain for trade finance 29 Sep 2016
DHL owner buys UK Mail delivery group 29 Sep 2016
Almost one quarter of PPP projects abandoned in MENA 29 Sep 2016
Singapore must improve monitoring for international money laundering, says watchdog 29 Sep 2016
Hong Kong privacy commission says privacy concerns should not stop drones  28 Sep 2016
US charges Chinese firm with breaching North Korea sanctions through shell companies 28 Sep 2016
350 billion yuan restructuring fund set up for Chinese state-owned enterprises 28 Sep 2016
PwC to sue mobile firms over Phones4U collapse 28 Sep 2016
HMRC raids on premises continue to increase 28 Sep 2016
Singapore considers review of corporate governance code 27 Sep 2016
Household water supply should be opened to competition, says Ofwat 27 Sep 2016
Level of counterfeiting in EU underestimated, says expert 26 Sep 2016
Status of Gibraltar to be examined in terms of remote gambling 26 Sep 2016
IBM launches blockchain-based bank card bonus pilot with China UnionPay 26 Sep 2016
Chinese regulator approves Marriott-Starwood merger 26 Sep 2016
Many local support measures do not constitute state aid, says Commission 23 Sep 2016
BREXIT: EU departure would undermine Irish energy infrastructure investment, warns expert 23 Sep 2016
Council backs European Parliament in PRIIPs 22 Sep 2016
Austrian recycling firm fined €6 million for blocking competition 21 Sep 2016
BREXIT: London remains main European business hub for US tech industry 21 Sep 2016
Payday loan company ordered to repay £34 million 20 Sep 2016
NSW seeks private partners for five hospitals 20 Sep 2016
European scorecard developed to identify non-cooperative tax jurisdictions 19 Sep 2016
Online betting to become legal in Singapore 19 Sep 2016
Hong Kong Competition Commission proposes first block exemption order 19 Sep 2016
Fintech can enhance EU capital markets, says Commission.  16 Sep 2016
Wales to switch to Land Transaction Tax 16 Sep 2016
European Parliament rejects 'flawed' PRIIPs standard 16 Sep 2016
High Court allows very late amendment to statement of case due to late disclosure 15 Sep 2016
Tata Steel Pensions law scrapped  15 Sep 2016
BREXIT: Treasury select committee launches inquiry into EU insurance regulation 15 Sep 2016
ESAs reject Commission amendments to technical standards for non-centrally cleared OTC derivatives 15 Sep 2016
BREXIT: Government must consult parliament before triggering Article 50, says House of Lords 15 Sep 2016
Stewardship code for investors to be launched in Singapore 14 Sep 2016
Audi works with Chinese technology companies to develop intelligent cars 14 Sep 2016
EU-Canada PNR deal is incompatible with rights, says advocate general 14 Sep 2016
BREXIT: UK government lacks consensus over immigration, says expert 13 Sep 2016
Sound of a standard alarm or telephone ring too 'banal' to be a trade mark, says court 13 Sep 2016
Non-doms pay ten times more in income tax than average taxpayer group 12 Sep 2016
Government body recommends renewed carbon capture and storage programme 12 Sep 2016
Linking to illegally published work is a ‘communication to the public', rules CJEU 12 Sep 2016
Australia and Singapore to share tax information 12 Sep 2016
Full VAT rate on electronic books is compatible with equal treatment, says advocate general 9 Sep 2016
Hong Kong Housing Association advised to improve competitive assessment of gas suppliers 9 Sep 2016
Sony wins case over pre-installed Windows software 8 Sep 2016
UAE bankruptcy law to come into effect in early 2017  8 Sep 2016
Hong Kong to create sandbox for financial services technology 7 Sep 2016
State projects in Jordan must employ Jordanians 7 Sep 2016
Boards of Singapore financial institutions responsible for compliance, says MAS 7 Sep 2016
Survey finds increased shareholder resistance to rising executive bonuses 6 Sep 2016
Three Iranian banks to open Munich branches 6 Sep 2016
Banks push Basel Committee to ease reforms 5 Sep 2016
Commission approves merger of Three and Wind mobile services in Italy 2 Sep 2016
Singapore industry relieved at low impact of Indonesia tax amnesty 2 Sep 2016
Amazon Dash button launch may run into problems with EU law, says expert 2 Sep 2016
Call for German database of bank accounts 2 Sep 2016
Dubai tests autonomous shuttle service 1 Sep 2016
Self-driving taxi trial launched in Singapore 1 Sep 2016
Visa begins blockchain payment trial 1 Sep 2016
SWIFT warns banks over successful hacks 1 Sep 2016
Canada to apply to join AIIB 1 Sep 2016


BREXIT: European institutions will sell closed UK life insurance books, says Phoenix Group 31 Aug 2016
Improperly obtained freezing order can prove costly, says expert 31 Aug 2016
EIB plans €140 million investment in Deutsche Bank fund 31 Aug 2016
At-fault drivers in Saudi Arabia to be liable for medical costs 30 Aug 2016
Ireland gave illegal state benefits worth up to €13 billion to Apple, says EU 30 Aug 2016
Singapore to reform payments laws to support finetch innovation 29 Aug 2016
BREXIT: World's largest pension fund blames UK vote for $51.8 million first quarter loss 29 Aug 2016
EU tax probes could threaten international agreements, US warns 26 Aug 2016
China issues new regulations on peer to peer lending platforms 26 Aug 2016
Singapore reviews venture capital regulations for fintech 25 Aug 2016
Banks plan to create new digital coin for financial trading  25 Aug 2016
Singapore launches fintech innovation lab 25 Aug 2016
Singapore Exchange to buy Baltic Exchange for £87 million 24 Aug 2016
Tasmania gas market at risk of collapse without regulation 24 Aug 2016
Proposed changes to Singapore copyright law could affect access to overseas content 23 Aug 2016
ChemChina takeover of Syngenta cleared by US regulators 23 Aug 2016
Australian government adopts accessibility standard for websites 23 Aug 2016
Alipay teams up with Ingenico to reach European markets 22 Aug 2016
Singapore aims to change regulations to promote use of electronic payments  22 Aug 2016
China plans clearing house for online transactions 22 Aug 2016
12-storey buildings allowed in smaller Saudi Arabia cities 19 Aug 2016
Apple to set up Chinese R&D centre 19 Aug 2016
BREXIT: Australian insurer QBE hit by fall in global confidence 19 Aug 2016
Singapore Inland Revenue updates GST recovery guide 18 Aug 2016
Singapore to establish employment claims tribunal 18 Aug 2016
Half of banks unprepared for IFRS9 18 Aug 2016
Renewable energy from sun and wind grows 70% in five years 17 Aug 2016
China launches 'hack proof' quantum communications satellite 17 Aug 2016
China approves Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect 17 Aug 2016
UAE to reconsider maternity rights 17 Aug 2016
Banking consortium claims success in using distributed ledger technology  15 Aug 2016
Growth in oil demand to slow next year, says IEA 12 Aug 2016
English court allows retroactive extension of time to allow corrections in arbitral process  12 Aug 2016
Australia competition regulator to allow bidders for Port of Melbourne 12 Aug 2016
Australia blocks sale of electricity distributor to foreign buyers 12 Aug 2016
Australian census website offline after attack 11 Aug 2016
Commission approves French plans for combined heat and power plants 10 Aug 2016
Western Australia mining tax plans "ill conceived" 10 Aug 2016
Investors to be allowed to sue Volkwagen over emission row 10 Aug 2016
Worldpay expands to Australia 10 Aug 2016
Singapore's IDA seeks power over telco boards 10 Aug 2016
Deutsche Bank fined for information leaked through hoots and squawks 10 Aug 2016
Singapore telecoms authority to be given increased access to rooftops 8 Aug 2016
EU imposes new anti-dumping duties on steel from China and Russia 5 Aug 2016
EU banks should have 3% leverage ratio, says EBA 5 Aug 2016
MPs' committee dismisses BEPS project as a 'sticking plaster' 5 Aug 2016
FCA extends deadline for PPI to June 2019 4 Aug 2016
Saudi Arabia regulator prepares rules for real estate funds 4 Aug 2016
Hong Kong authority may look to supervise digital currency, says expert 3 Aug 2016
Focus on pensions triple lock too narrow, says expert 3 Aug 2016
Singapore High Court rejects request to overturn arbitration award 2 Aug 2016
Stress tests show resilience of EU banking sector, says EBA 2 Aug 2016
Advocate general backs Commission in Spanish state aid case 1 Aug 2016


EU bonus rules may be eased for some lenders and investment firms, says Commission 29 Jul 2016
German banking bodies lodge appeal ruling that online banking restrictions are illegal 29 Jul 2016
China reviews potential Shanghai-London stock connect in light of Brexit  29 Jul 2016
Commission consults on need for EU personal pension framework 28 Jul 2016
New Singapore rules designed to reduce number of bankruptcies 28 Jul 2016
Deutsche Börse shareholders approve merger with London Stock Exchange 27 Jul 2016
Belgium must follow EU order to claw back tax, says General Court 26 Jul 2016
Commission orders Spain to recover state aid from railway operator 26 Jul 2016
EBA calls for revival of debt securitisation market to reduce NPL ratio 26 Jul 2016
New measures needed to increase number of women in banking management, says EBA 12 Jul 2016
Singapore water industry to receive S$200 million research boost 12 Jul 2016
Singapore proposes increase to corporate income tax rebate, double tax deduction on retail bond costs 11 Jul 2016
EU opens investigations into Belgian and French ports 11 Jul 2016
Singapore proposes increase to corporate income tax rebate, double tax deduction on retail bond costs 11 Jul 2016
German banking industry online payment restrictions in violation of competition law, says regulator 8 Jul 2016
European Commission accepts price transparency commitments by container liner shipping companies 8 Jul 2016
Foreign investors allowed to invest in Chinese stock market 8 Jul 2016
Hong Kong lines up partners for OBOR development finance 8 Jul 2016
CJEU: Market managers can be held responsible for stalls selling counterfeit goods 8 Jul 2016
EBA announces 2016 banking transparency test 7 Jul 2016
BREXIT: Brexit to hit European bank deleveraging plans, say experts 7 Jul 2016
IMF warns on risks to German financial stability 7 Jul 2016
BREXIT: EU aims to conclude free trade agreement with Canada, providing example of potential UK-EU agreement, says expert 6 Jul 2016
Commission brings virtual currency exchanges under AML rules 6 Jul 2016
EU to invest €450 million in cybersecurity partnership fund 6 Jul 2016
Singapore government aims to allow third party funding for international arbitration 6 Jul 2016
EIOPA publishes proposed advice on implementing Insurance Distribution Directive 6 Jul 2016
BREXIT: London Stock Exchange shareholders approve merger with Deutsche Börse 5 Jul 2016
Singapore monetary authority plans cloud computing policy 4 Jul 2016
BREXIT: Timing of new EU pensions directive means it may have no impact in the UK, says expert 4 Jul 2016
EBA proposes update to disclosure requirement guidelines 1 Jul 2016


European Commission opens investigation into Naples Port Authority and Italian shipyard Cantieri del Mediterraneo 30 Jun 2016
App providers face new data collection regulations in China 29 Jun 2016
EU harmonises VAT on vouchers 29 Jun 2016
European Commission publishes decision on Netherlands' state aid to Starbucks 29 Jun 2016
English court upholds freezing order, jails directors for refusal to disclose assets 28 Jun 2016
South Australia introduces 'place of consumption' gambling tax 27 Jun 2016
Major banks join blockchain cross-border payments platform 24 Jun 2016
BREXIT: Immediate focus for pensions must be on volatile markets, says expert 24 Jun 2016
BREXIT: Exchange rate mechanisms most immediate issue in post-Brexit contracts, says expert 24 Jun 2016
Companies should give contractors leave and more notice of contract expiry, says Singapore ministry 22 Jun 2016
EIB agrees €3 billion EFSI investment in clean transport and energy projects 22 Jun 2016
Kuwait to allow foreign investors in public tenders 20 Jun 2016
Singapore to join BEPS framework on tax reporting 20 Jun 2016
Mobile payment systems expand in Asia and Australia 17 Jun 2016
Shanghai launches insurance exchange 17 Jun 2016
US asks to join Irish data protection court case 16 Jun 2016
Queensland uses pension fund to finance infrastructure and pay debt 15 Jun 2016
EBA publishes final RTS on specialised lending exposures 15 Jun 2016
China market status question is 'resolvable', says Merkel 14 Jun 2016
Interchange fee transparency requirement comes into force 14 Jun 2016
UK must fix 'long-running weakness' in digital skills, says report 14 Jun 2016
Singapore sets up money laundering and monetary enforcement departments 14 Jun 2016
EU insurance stress test scenarios too extreme, says Allianz head 14 Jun 2016
West Bromwich Building Society to record loss after buy-to-let mortgage decision 13 Jun 2016
Pensions Ombudsman anonymity move will protect individuals, but could lead to vexatious claims, says expert 10 Jun 2016
Singapore makes SME crowdfunding easier 9 Jun 2016
Capital requirement changes would encourage banks to sell sovereign debt, says report 9 Jun 2016
Singapore's Competition Commission proposes change to basis of fines 9 Jun 2016
McDonald's convinced Luxembourg no royalty tax needed, Commission-released documents show 8 Jun 2016
Germany calls on EU to improve rules on vehicle emission testing 8 Jun 2016
China is world's largest proximity payment market 8 Jun 2016
First IP-backed loan approved in Singapore 6 Jun 2016
European Commission approach to EU tax rulings and state aid goes too far, says expert 6 Jun 2016
Singapore ratifies Hague Convention on choice of court agreements 3 Jun 2016
Ejecting banks from SWIFT payment system would reduce protection for business and the public, says expert 3 Jun 2016
EU outlines plans to improve standardisation of services 2 Jun 2016
France and Italy call for cap on EU banking reserve demands 2 Jun 2016
Oman to tender five oil blocks in October 2 Jun 2016
Iran looks to amend model contract for oil deals 2 Jun 2016
Commission proposes e-commerce rules to boost cross-border sales 1 Jun 2016
Australia raises minimum wage by 2.4% 1 Jun 2016
EU trade secrets rules finalised 1 Jun 2016
Headscarf ruling changes expectations in discrimination cases, says expert 1 Jun 2016


Saudi Arabia announces post-oil economy restructuring plans 29 Apr 2016
Data breaches are taking longer to identify, says report 27 Apr 2016
EE promises 95% 4G coverage across UK  27 Apr 2016
EU defines high-frequency trading 27 Apr 2016
SWIFT warns customers on malware and internal security 27 Apr 2016
EU General Court confirms alumina tax exemptions constitute illegal state aid 25 Apr 2016
Uber to pay up to $100 million to settle employee rights lawsuits 25 Apr 2016
EU should increase transparency on ownership of companies and trusts, says commissioner 22 Apr 2016
Australian banks must fund own watchdog 22 Apr 2016
Singapore investor lobby group prepared to take legal action to protect shareholders' rights 21 Apr 2016
International organisations collaborate to help developing countries with international tax 21 Apr 2016
Singapore data protection data gives insight on future enforcement, says expert 21 Apr 2016
EU agreement takes step towards competition in domestic rail 21 Apr 2016
Capital punishment available for worst 'graft' cases in China 21 Apr 2016
Russian state wins appeal over $50 billion Yukos payment 20 Apr 2016
Australian cybersecurity to take 'big science' approach 20 Apr 2016
EU national competition authorities should be given more power, say consultation results 19 Apr 2016
Dubai commodities exchange deals with Chinese banks could lead to yuan transactions 19 Apr 2016
Insurers are 'vulnerable' to cyber attacks, says regulatory body 19 Apr 2016
Debt defaults hit $50 billion in 2016, oil and gas hardest hit 18 Apr 2016
MEPs vote in favour of new PNR law 18 Apr 2016
Pensions industry relief as EIOPA drops solvency regime plans, says expert 18 Apr 2016
Singapore sets currency appreciation to 0% to encourage growth 18 Apr 2016
World Bank and AIIB sign first joint agreement 18 Apr 2016
UK and Australia agree to share digital expertise 15 Apr 2016
CJEU: Pilkington must pay €357 million cartel fine 15 Apr 2016
New delay on Carmichael coal mine as appeal launched 15 Apr 2016
ESMA supports EU framework for lending by investment funds 14 Apr 2016
New P2P platforms slow to emerge in China due to regulations, says agency 14 Apr 2016
IMF urged to police global financial system 13 Apr 2016
GCC financial regulators encouraged to promote use of sukuk to fund infrastructure 13 Apr 2016
EU plans for 'single European VAT system' outlined 12 Apr 2016
Singapore eases rules on EFT transactions 12 Apr 2016
Singapore to introduce new Cybersecurity Act next year 12 Apr 2016
French regulator asks banks to report on tax haven use 12 Apr 2016
Singapore court rulings gain more weight 11 Apr 2016
Alipay to move into Europe 11 Apr 2016
Basel Committee proposes easing leverage ratio on derivatives 11 Apr 2016
Final details released on retail banking key information documents 8 Apr 2016
CMA monitoring social media to improve regulation 8 Apr 2016
Commission to extend state aid investigation into more transfer pricing agreements 7 Apr 2016
Panama papers leak highlights cyber risks facing all businesses, says expert, as FIFA figure comes in for scrutiny  7 Apr 2016
Australian competition commission concerned over Asciano logistics takeover 6 Apr 2016
CMA calls for clearer labelling of paid-for editorial 5 Apr 2016
Australian Carmichael 'mega-mine' approved by government 5 Apr 2016
Chinese companies boost international M&A with overseas investments 5 Apr 2016
China plans energy export over long-distance grid 1 Apr 2016
Bank of England increases capital buffer rate in stress tests 1 Apr 2016


Bonus cap has 'no significant effect' on stability, says EBA 31 Mar 2016
Consumer protection laws need to be updated, says OECD 31 Mar 2016
Multinationals warn of tax hit on earnings 31 Mar 2016
Samsung Pay launches in China 29 Mar 2016
Fintech startups turn to investment innovation, says report 29 Mar 2016
Android Pay to reach UK within months 24 Mar 2016
Singapore to invest SIN$4.5 billion on 'industry transformation' 24 Mar 2016
Chinese and Japanese development banks to offer joint loan 24 Mar 2016
Saudi to cut oil production deal with or without Iran, says report 24 Mar 2016
Chinese cloud computing medical initiative must address privacy concerns, says expert 23 Mar 2016
China launches $28 billion PPP fund 23 Mar 2016
China tightens purchase of Hong Kong insurance from mainland 23 Mar 2016
Singaporean promotes free access to personal credit data  23 Mar 2016
EU regulation to boost use of organic and waste-based fertiliser 22 Mar 2016
EU to force tax disclosure from largest multinationals 22 Mar 2016
Australia to remove 'double tax' on digital currencies 22 Mar 2016
World Bank proposes finance sources for rail development in China 17 Mar 2016
European Commission adopts equivalence for US central counterparties 17 Mar 2016
HKIAC introduces IP arbitrator panel 16 Mar 2016
China to extend reforms to electricity pricing 16 Mar 2016
EIB backs €4.7 billion in infrastructure investment plans 15 Mar 2016
China pollution control better than developed countries at a similar stage, says minister 14 Mar 2016
UK is EU's biggest producer of oil but production likely to fall, says report. 11 Mar 2016
Commission's request for cartel data quashed by EU court 11 Mar 2016
Hong Kong construction leaders frustrated by procurement, says survey 10 Mar 2016
Portugal loses court case over derivatives jurisdiction 9 Mar 2016
Dubai International Financial Centre courts allow referral of a foreign judgment for enforcement in Dubai 9 Mar 2016
China to revise personal income taxes 8 Mar 2016
EU's VAT fraud system is too weak, say auditors 4 Mar 2016
Final vote on PNR delayed 4 Mar 2016
EU to expand network of visa desks in China 4 Mar 2016
Qualcomm fined over hiring of Chinese officials' family members 4 Mar 2016
Europe must change the way it measures China's production, says Beijing 4 Mar 2016
Dubai to launch free zone for wholesalers at airport 4 Mar 2016
EU approves credit derivatives clearing to increase market stability 3 Mar 2016
Europe clears Dell's acquisition of EMC 2 Mar 2016
PRA and FCA will not comply with EU rules on bonus caps 2 Mar 2016
Singapore regulator receives 9,700 complaints under Do Not Call rules 2 Mar 2016


Review of EU payments law needed in light of virtual currencies, says Parliament committee 29 Feb 2016
Singapore considers Employment Claims Tribunal for all employees 29 Feb 2016
SIAC hits record number of cases 29 Feb 2016
China picks SOEs for pilot reforms 29 Feb 2016
Infrastructure Victoria sets out 30-year strategy 29 Feb 2016
EU to reconsider banking bonus rules 26 Feb 2016
US law will restore trust in transatlantic data flows, says EU commissioner 26 Feb 2016
EBA releases 2016 stress test methodology 26 Feb 2016
Shanghai extends parental and marriage leave to encourage second children 26 Feb 2016
EU General Court rejects Coca-Cola bottle-shape trade mark bid 25 Feb 2016
German consumer associations gain data protection powers 25 Feb 2016
Chinese video site LeTV sues Baidu 25 Feb 2016
Australian government sets up financial technology advisory group  25 Feb 2016
OECD opens BEPS tax effort to all countries 24 Feb 2016
Oil glut and low prices to last until 2017, says report 24 Feb 2016
ICC clarifies when arbitrators should disclose potential conflicts of interest  24 Feb 2016
Iran to continue oil production despite competitors' freeze agreement 24 Feb 2016
Three to block mobile ads in UK and Italy 23 Feb 2016
Italy threatens to block EU insurance plan 23 Feb 2016
ECB updates rules on retail payment systems 23 Feb 2016
Banks unready for Senior Managers Regime, says report 22 Feb 2016
Europe unlikely to follow US direction in iPhone backdoor fight, says expert 22 Feb 2016
Australian infrastructure reforms could increase GDP by AU$39 billion, says report 22 Feb 2016
EU must recognise risk of over-regulation in banking, says expert 19 Feb 2016
Singapore uses spectrum auction as incentive to encourage fourth mobile network to set up 19 Feb 2016
France calls for national competition authorities to remain autonomous 19 Feb 2016
Europe announces plan to strengthen energy security 18 Feb 2016
Dubai construction cost indicator falls 18 Feb 2016
Australian infrastructure plan published 18 Feb 2016
Oil freeze agreed by Saudi Arabia and Russia 18 Feb 2016
Consultation launched on shipping companies' price publication commitments 17 Feb 2016
EU investigations into Spanish football clubs were managed properly, says watchdog 17 Feb 2016
Oil price to push Gulf projects to private finance, says report 16 Feb 2016
Osborne supports publication of country-by-country tax information 16 Feb 2016
Three promises to work with rivals if merger approved 16 Feb 2015
Belgium to challenge European tax ruling 15 Feb 2016
French government issues final draft of private contract law 12 Feb 2016
China passes EU in wind power 12 Feb 2016
Europe introduces rules to fight falsified medicines 12 Feb 2016
EU and US settle dispute on derivatives 12 Feb 2016
Change in EU designation of Chinese economy could make anti-dumping action harder, says expert 11 Feb 2016
EU plans emergency gas sharing 11 Feb 2016
EU investigates possible bond market cartel  10 Feb 2016
Betsson to pay disputed German taxes to improve chances of gaming licence  10 Feb 2016
MiFID II market rules deadline postponed until 2018 10 Feb 2016
Commission to propose that country-by-country tax information be made public 9 Feb 2016
UK calls for review of Solvency II over competition concerns in insurance industry 9 Feb 2016
FCA identifies issues in EU financial services framework 9 Feb 2016
ECB plans to link bank accounts to mobile numbers 9 Feb 2016
Airbnb pays €1.2 million in tax to Paris authorities 8 Feb 2016
Saudi Arabia to invest $133 billion in electricity projects 8 Feb 2016
EU asks China to reduce steel over-production 8 Feb 2016
Virgin Media calls on Commission to allow O2, Three merger 5 Feb 2016
European Parliament adopts emission testing rules and rejects bid to veto plan 5 Feb 2016
China outspends EU on research and development 5 Feb 2016
SIAC expands to Shanghai 5 Feb 2016
Banks adopting a 'wait and see' approach while oil price fluctuates 4 Feb 2016
Goldman Sachs censured by Hong Kong authority 4 Feb 2016
End virtual currency anonymity to fight terrorist funding, says Commission 4 Feb 2016
SIAC consults on investment arbitration rules 4 Feb 2016
Centre launched to analyse tax in developing countries 3 Feb 2016
UK plans for rail industry growth are promising, says expert 3 Feb 2016
Flood Re secures £2.1 billion reinsurance programme 2 Feb 2016
FCA takes disciplinary action against individuals and firms 2 Feb 2016
€210 million European life science fund announced  2 Feb 2016
Telecom VAT changes planned to prevent fraud  2 Feb 2016
Cooperation could reduce competition fines, says commissioner 1 Feb 2016
China rules out use of AIIB veto 1 Feb 2016
HMRC can tax payments made for injury to feelings, said Upper Tribunal 1 Feb 2016
EU derivatives rules too tough on business, says expert 1 Feb 2016


UK consults on further changes to competition compensation law 29 Jan 2016
French employment report hints at change to 35 hour working week 29 Jan 2016
Agreement to improve multinational tax transparency signed by 31 OECD countries 28 Jan 2016
UK facing electricity supply gap of up to 55%, says report 27 Jan 2016
Basel Committee increase to capital requirements is less than originally proposed 27 Jan 2016
Service providers to be responsible for member-borne commission ban in workplace pension schemes 27 Jan 2016
Saudi Arabia considers foreign ownership of retail businesses 27 Jan 2016
Scotland should set 30% tax rate, says commission 27 Jan 2016
China to invest $55 billion in Middle East infrastructure 27 Jan 2016
Adidas to end sponsorship of IAAF over doping claims, says report 26 Jan 2016
Saudi Arabia can wait out low oil prices, says chairman of Aramco 25 Jan 2016
CJEU: Online businesses must show distance from anti-competitive behaviour 25 Jan 2016
Singapore plans cyber security bill 25 Jan 2016
EU to announce proposals on corporate tax avoidance 22 Jan 2016
Apple CEO visits EU regulator to discuss tax bill 22 Jan 2016
European Commission rules on taxation of ports in Netherlands, Belgium and France 22 Jan 2016
China to set up its own virtual currency 22 Jan 2016
French competition authority to rule on Orange-Bouygues merger 21 Jan 2016
CJEU: national competition authorities are not bound by EU whistleblower programme 21 Jan 2016
WTO supports China in trade dispute with EU 21 Jan 2016
Oil market could 'drown' in oversupply as Iran oil comes on-stream 21 Jan 2016
£500 million Chinese fund looks to back European tech startups 21 Jan 2016
AIIB to lend in dollars, will not require free market commitment 20 Jan 2016
Singapore media and information technology bodies merge to bolster 'smart nation' plans 20 Jan 2016
Renault to be questioned over emissions tests 19 Jan 2016
European Commission to investigate state aid given to container terminals in Antwerp 19 Jan 2016
Western banks remain cautious despite lifting of Iran sanctions, says expert 18 Jan 2016
Amazon China registers for ocean freight services to US 18 Jan 2016
China allows more foreign institutions on forex market 15 Jan 2016
Energy groups delay $380 billion investment in oil projects  15 Jan 2016
Gulf states to introduce VAT by 2018 15 Jan 2016
Energy storage industry standard announced 15 Jan 2016
Merger investigation opened into Halliburton acquisition of Baker Hughes 14 Jan 2016
China Everbright to set up European M&A infrastructure fund 14 Jan 2016
Oil oversupply to continue, says Saudi bank 14 Jan 2016
EU to revive common tax base plan, propose binding corporate tax rules 13 Jan 2016
China proposes more cross-border e-commerce zones to boost exports 13 Jan 2016
Lego Germany fined for preventing discounts  13 Jan 2016
CJEU to rule on right of French court to hear dispute about Amazon sales of Samsung products 13 Jan 2016
Louis Vuitton loses trade mark case over parody tote bags 13 Jan 2016
Laing O'Rourke to sell Australian infrastructure arm 13 Jan 2016
China consults on car market rules 12 Jan 2016
Swiss administrative region asks residents to delay tax payments 12 Jan 2016
Record European infrastructure fund to invest in transport projects 12 Jan 2016
Oil price to hit salary rises in Gulf countries, says Mercer 12 Jan 2016
Luxembourg asks for faster resolution in Fiat tax payback 11 Jan 2016
€700 million in tax must be repaid to Belgian authorities, says European Commission 11 Jan 2016
Qatar construction costs highest in the GCC, says report 11 Jan 2016
Saudi Arabia considering Aramco IPO 8 Jan 2016
Orange in negotiations to create mobile bank 8 Jan 2016
UAE banks must seek approval before announcing dividends 8 Jan 2016
Foreign investment allowed in Saudi airport privatisation 7 Jan 2016
Qatar drafts law to protect against spam 7 Jan 2016
Qatar insurance rulebook to attract international business, says expert  7 Jan 2016
Singapore Post audit should be broadened, says trade body 6 Jan 2016
HKIAC allows consolidation of arbitration cases 6 Jan 2016
Single Resolution Mechanism comes into effect 6 Jan 2016 
Nasdaq claims first blockchain-based securities issuance 5 Jan 2016