Out-Law news 2015

Articles I wrote for Out-Law in 2015:


CJEU: VAT is chargeable on non-refundable unused air tickets 23 Dec 2015
UAE rules out income tax introduction 23 Dec 2015
Sales remuneration policies to blame for mis-selling of financial products, says EBA 23 Dec 2015
New Payment Services Directive will come into force in January 2016 23 Dec 2015
Alibaba appoints anti-counterfeiting expert 23 Dec 2015
US-EU derivatives dispute may be closer to resolution, says report 22 Dec 2015
Apple and Samsung team up with UnionPay to target Chinese market 22 Dec 2015
Spanish tax lease system is not state aid, says EU court 21 Dec 2015
UK insurance ready for capital rules reforms, says ABI 21 Dec 2015
IMF chief Lagarde to appeal court order to stand trial on Tapie case 18 Dec 2015
WTO members agree deal on IT product tariffs 17 Dec 2015
General Court annuls €790 million European Commission air cartel fines 17 Dec 2015
Hong Kong competition laws come into force 17 Dec 2015
ESMA issues consultation on bringing EMIR technical standards closer to US 17 Dec 2015
European Parliament urges member states to merge electricity grids 16 Dec 2015
Europe issues formal request to 10 member states on deposit guarantee schemes 14 Dec 2015
European Commission and EIB make €24 billion available to circular economy businesses 14 Dec 2015
New Chinese policies to encourage firms to expand internationally 14 Dec 2015
European cross-border tax transparency rules adopted 10 Dec 2015
French regulator fines firms €5 million for high-speed trading breaches 10 Dec 2015
EU proposals would allow Europeans to take online content abroad 9 Dec 2015
China issues first insurance development index 9 Dec 2015
Lack of consistency in international carbon reporting, survey finds 9 Dec 2015
Emirates airline objects to planned European aviation strategy 8 Dec 2015
EU governments and Parliament reach agreement on PNR 8 Dec 2015
Fall in confidence in Middle East will improve as markets adjust to new position, says expert 7 Dec 2015
France asks EU to act on prepaid cards 7 Dec 2015
Europe to investigate Hutchison 3G – Telefónica merger without UK referral 7 Dec 2015 
AIIB names five initial investment areas 4 Dec 2015
Bernard Tapie ordered to repay €403 million to French government 4 Dec 2015
Few pharmaceutical patent settlements face competition law problems, says report 3 Dec 2015
MEPs regret low waste recycling targets in Commission plan 3 Dec 2015
FCA may require insurers to publish last year's premium on renewal notices 3 Dec 2015
Foresight launches £100 million bioenergy fund in Australia 3 Dec 2015
Parliament report asks European Commission to propose new tax measures 2 Dec 2015
Luxembourg finance minister attacks EU on business tax uncertainty 2 Dec 2015
RWE to spin off renewables, retail and grid business 2 Dec 2015
Toymaker cyber attack is 'wake up call' for Hong Kong, says expert 1 Dec 2015


ECB and People's Bank of China test bilateral currency swap 27 Nov 2015
European Parliament gives go-ahead on Insurance Distribution Directive  27 Nov 2015
MiFID II market rules will be postponed, says report 26 Nov 2015
Falkland oil drilling companies to merge 26 Nov 2015
European banks report €1 trillion in bad debts 26 Nov 2015
Europe proposes euro-wide bank deposit insurance scheme 26 Nov 2015
UAE aluminium firm launches $4.9 billion, seven-year loan 25 Nov 2015
Proposed powers to monitor bank accounts in France may not be big change for banks, says expert 25 Nov 2015
EU approves merger of semiconductor manufacturers Avago and Broadcom 25 Nov 2015
Chinese SOEs need tax cuts after profits fall, says expert 25 Nov 2015
Bank of China announces Europe's first RMB exchange-traded fund alongside launch of CEINEX 25 Nov 2015
Deficit appears early in China's pension system 24 Nov 2015
Australia looks forward to infrastructure boom  24 Nov 2015
HKIAC opens international arbitration centre in mainland China 24 Nov 2015
Saudi construction sector to be hit by tight economy, says builder 24 Nov 2015
Saudi airports to be privatised 24 Nov 2015
Japan to ease loan system to compete with AIIB 23 Nov 2015
Saudi Arabia facing crisis due to oil prices, deficit and pegged currency, say investors 23 Nov 2015
No profit targets at Credit Suisse as bank aims to reduce risk 20 Nov 2015
Australia's Northern Territory appoints contractor for gas pipeline 20 Nov 2015
China cuts wholesale natural gas price to push cleaner fuel 19 Nov 2015
Dubai DIFC-LCIE arbitration centre relaunched 19 Nov 2015
IMF should create digital DCR, says Chinese bank researcher 19 Nov 2015
G20 leaders endorse BEPS plan 18 Nov 2015
SMEs in UAE at high risk of default 18 Nov 2015
Survey launched on pan-European pension 18 Nov 2015
European financial institutions must report shadow banking activity 18 Nov 2015
Dubai awards $109 million contract for airport access roads 17 Nov 2015
Hollande insists COP21 climate agreement will be legally binding 17 Nov 2015
Unregulated banking transactions now worth $80 trillion, says FSB 16 Nov 2015
International standard adopted on cross-border VAT 13 Nov 2015
EBA stance on role-based allowances will have significant impact on smaller firms, says expert  13 Nov 2015
Qatar Financial Centre to ease foreign investment rules 13 Nov 2015
GCC needs sharia'a compliant financial instruments 13 Nov 2015
Saudi Arabia will continue oil production levels, says report 13 Nov 2015
European Commission considers delay to elements of MiFiD II  12 Nov 2015
ECB calls for feedback on plans to harmonise banking regulations 12 Nov 2015
Qube in bidding war for remaining Australian rail and port operator Asciano  12 Nov 2015
Gulf countries should introduce VAT as soon as possible, says IMF head 11 Nov 2015
China allows IPOs to resume under new rules 11 Nov 2015
France announces new reforms to labour laws 11 Nov 2015
EU to take on unfair competition from non-EU airlines 10 Nov 2015
Fragmented BRRD implementation across Europe increases uncertainty for bank creditors, says Moody's  9 Nov 2015
SEC charges Scottish trader with fraud by false tweets 9 Nov 2015
EBA sets out details of stress test that banks cannot fail 6 Nov 2015
Singapore moneylender credit bureau to open next year 6 Nov 2015
China and France agree on regular climate change checks 6 Nov 2015
Chinese government ratifies AIIB agreement 6 Nov 2015
Linking executive bonuses to gender balance targets needs careful consideration, say experts 6 Nov 2015
China publishes guidelines on SOE reform 6 Nov 2015
Saudi Arabia raises business water tariff by 50% 3 Nov 2015
Regulators must understand impact of shadow banking sector, says ECB 2 Nov 2015


UK banks have some protection from latest draft law on European banking regulation, says expert 30 Oct 2015
Over 55s cash in £2.7 billion of UK pension funds 29 Oct 2015
China, Singapore agree initiatives to promote RMB 29 Oct 2015
HMRC to charge 45% tax on restitution interest 28 Oct 2015
China asks to join European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 28 Oct 2015
GCC to increase desalination capacity by 40% 28 Oct 2015
PPP deal for Western Australia schools aims to save $100 million  27 Oct 2015
Singapore to open electricity market to competition 27 Oct 2015
Saudi Arabia may relax rules on stock market investment  26 Oct 2015
Call for Shanghai-London stock connect 'more symbolic than substantial', says expert 26 Oct 2015
Crédit Agricole to pay $787 million fine for sanctions violations 26 Oct 2015
Bank of China announces bond trading index and London trading centre 23 Oct 2015
CJEU: bitcoin exchange exempt from VAT 23 Oct 2015
Singapore initiatives aim to spur private investment in infrastructure 23 Oct 2015
EU may open more tax state aid cases, says commissioner 22 Oct 2015
Facebook pledges to respond to Irish safe harbour questions 21 Oct 2015
China central bank issues first offshore Renminbi bond in London 21 Oct 2015
Bank of England stress test approach will bring 'more intrusive supervision', says expert 21 Oct 2015
Facebook applies to join safe harbour proceedings 21 Oct 2015
EU regulators set three month deadline for new 'safe harbour' agreement 21 Oct 2015
Hong Kong law should allow third-party arbitration funding, says Law Reform Commission 19 Oct 2015
Hong Kong banks storing too much information on cards, says technology body 16 Oct 2015
Uber app does not breach tax regulations, says High Court 16 Oct 2015
Europe clears Intel purchase of Altera 16 Oct 2015
China to issue renminbi government debt in the UK  15 Oct 2015
Peer to peer platform suspended over suspected misconduct 14 Oct 2015
MEPs express disappointment in tax ruling directive 14 Oct 2015
Alibaba to attract sellers through offices in Europe 14 Oct 2015
EBA launches consultation on mortgage credit directive rate formula 14 Oct 2015
Dubai business rated on employment practice 13 Oct 2015
Complaints to pension regulator rise as auto-enrolment expands 13 Oct 2015
Europe faces funding gap for digital goals 13 Oct 2015
Peer to peer lenders adjust FCA applications to suit needs 13 Oct 2015
Dell buys EMC for $67 billion in world's biggest ever tech deal 13 Oct 2015
Treasury asks PRA to ensure banking surcharge will not hurt competition 13 Oct 2015
China launches international payment system 13 Oct 2015
EU Justice Council reaches agreement on Data Protection Directive for police and criminal justice 13 Oct 2015
Treasury and FCA launch consultation on financial advice 13 Oct 2015
Europe launches public consultation on CCCTB 9 Oct 2015
Scotland announces moratorium on underground coal gasification 9 Oct 2015
Expert sceptical of success of fast arbitration service for construction and engineering 9 Oct 2015
Hong Kong stock exchange holds off weighted vote listings 9 Oct 2015
Tesco's revised payment terms may prompt change in market practice, says expert 8 Oct 2015
Europe reaches agreement on automatic tax information exchange 7 Oct 2015
Saudi Arabia introduces new employment laws 7 Oct 2015
Councils in England to set and retain business rates 6 Oct 2015
Court of Appeal decision may deter government changes to pension rules, says expert 6 oct 2015
Businesses will welcome EU clarification on Russian sanctions, says expert 6 Oct 2015
UK infrastructure commission is good news for nation's infrastructure deficit, says expert 6 Oct 2015
EU Commission promises changes to EU employment law 1 Oct 2015
EIOPA proposes new asset class for infrastructure investments and identifies preferred categorisation  1 Oct 2015
Dubai passes new law to encourage PPP 1 Oct 2015


Singapore's DBS says digital strategy fundamental to its future 30 Sep 2015
Council of the EU approves creation of market stability reserve 30 Sep 2015
EU and China sign 5G agreement 29 Sep 2015
EIB to offer peer-to-peer lending to UK SMEs 29 Sep 2015
Saudi Arabia's stock exchange attracts private capital flows 28 Sep 2015
China to launch cap-and-trade carbon cutting scheme in 2017 28 Sep 2015
Privacy watchdog warns plans for collection of EU passenger data could lead to surveillance society 25 Sep 2015
People's Bank of China opens up yuan-denominated bond market 25 Sep 2015
ECB asset purchase programme will be adjusted if outlook weakens 25 Sep 2015
Singapore extends regulations to non-conventional investments 25 Sep 2015
Kuwait rejects IMF business tax proposals 24 Sep 2015
Borrow to build infrastructure, says West Australian construction sector  24 Sep 2015
Queensland premier calls on private sector for infrastructure ideas 24 Sep 2015
ECB publishes enhanced statistics to give broader view of lending 23 Sep 2015
Pronunciation taken into account in CJEU trade mark ruling 23 Sep 2015
CJEU clarifies measurement of dangerous substances in products 23 Sep 2015
Hong Kong plans upgrade to industrial estates 22 Sep 2015
Changes agreed to Qatar's kafala system for foreign workers, says report 22 Sep 2015
UK signs universities joint research agreement with China 21 Sep 2015
Regulation coming for technology groups offering financial services, says head of HSBC 21 Sep 2015
CJEU: airlines must pay compensation if technical problems cause cancellation 18 Sep 2015
Europe agrees deal on interoperable digital services 18 Sep 2015
Investment Association calls for delay and rethink on MiFIR bond trading rules 18 Sep 2015
European Commission proposes investment courts for investor-state disputes 18 Sep 2015
Kuwait to start offshore oil exploration in two years 17 Sep 2015
Singapore says equal tax treatment needed for cross border fund agreement 17 Sep 2015
Australian government supports Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 17 Sep 2015
Qatar allocates 95% of infrastructure budget to roads 16 Sep 2015
European Parliament accepts Commission decision on Swiss equivalence under Solvency II 16 Sep 2015
Change to definition of capital affects bank capital shortfall, says regulator 16 Sep 2015
China releases guidelines on SOE ownership and salary reform 16 Sep 2015
Saudi Arabia to allow full foreign ownership of retail businesses 15 Sep 2015
France to scale back employment laws by early 2016  14 Sep 2015
Chinese car manufacturers ask for easing of environmental restrictions 14 Sep 2015
Tsinghua Holdings plans $78.4 million fund to boost tech transfer 14 Sep 2015
Capital markets to spend $400 million on blockchain technology by 2019, says report 11 Sep 2015
Qatar to grant licences to GCC banks 11 Sep 2015
HK Broadband fined HK$30,000 under Hong Kong direct marketing rules 10 Sep 2015
CIArb announces international arbitration rules, looks to set up court 10 Sep 2015
Majority of high-earning EU bank staff are in UK, says report 10 Sep 2015
Chinese manufacturers need to use technology to improve production, says report 9 Sep 2015
CIArb celebrates centenary with publication of 'principles' for effective arbitration 9 Sep 2015
European banks may need extra €26 billion in capital, says report 9 Sep 2015
CBI complains of lack of consultation on tax changes 8 Sep 2015
SIAC rewrites model arbitration clause 8 Sep 2015
OECD releases new principles on business management and executive pay 8 Sep 2015
EIB agrees £102 million loan to Croydon schools 8 Sep 2015
VAT collection failing to improve across EU, says Commission 7 Sep 2015
ESMA recommends extending AIFMD marketing passport outside Europe 7 Sep 2015
China manufacturing figures show faster contraction 7 Sep 2015
Michael Jordan takes trademark case to China's supreme court 7 Sep 2015
EU draft regulation to prevent fake medicine sales 4 Sep 2015
CJEU: Italian company must repay compound interest on top of illegal state aid 4 Sep 2015
UAE residents to get credit rating online by end of 2015 4 Sep 2015
Renewable power companies challenge UK removal of climate change levy exemption 4 Sep 2015
Cancellation of Indonesian high speed rail plan sends damaging signal, says expert 4 Sep 2015
EU approves Shell takeover of BG Group 4 Sep 2015
Singapore launches savings bonds 4 Sep 2015
Singapore crowdlending platforms call for clear regulations 4 Sep 2015
Sale of Novo Banco to Anbang Insurance collapses 4 Sep 2015
CJEU decision may allow French companies to reclaim tax, say experts 3 Sep 2015
EU states refuse to pass tax data to European committee, says report 3 Sep 2015
Infrastructure essential to Indonesian growth, says IMF 3 Sep 2015
New accounting standard could hit banks' book value and capital, says report 2 Sep 2015
Construction awards to hit $194 billion in GCC despite oil price fall, says report 2 Sep 2015
Singapore becomes sea-dispute settlement centre 2 Sep 2015
French prime minster pledges deeper reforms 1 Sep 2015
Eni finds largest gas field in Mediterranean 1 Sep 2015
China eases property rules for foreign investors 1 Sep 2015


Optimism falls among Middle East finance managers 31 Aug 2015
Beijing bans industry and colleges from city centre 31 Aug 2015
Delays are expected to Saudi infrastructure projects  31 Aug 2015
Chinese authorities find fake Goldman Sachs office 28 Aug 2015
Call for mandatory reporting of data breaches in Singapore 28 Aug 2015
China general manufacturing PMI hits 77-month low 28 Aug 2015
Airbnb to collect tourist tax in Paris 27 Aug 2015
No reason to change regulations on credit for central counterparties, says report 27 Aug 2015
China proposes law change to encourage commercialisation of inventions  27 Aug 2015
Norway approves North Sea gas field development 27 Aug 2015
Banks continue fight against bonus rules  26 Aug 2015
Kenya Power to upgrade systems 25 Aug 2015
SIAC to release new arbitration rules for 2016 25 Aug 2015
Fines and lawsuits cost banks $260 billion 25 Aug 2015
Chinese premier urges faster development of manufacturing 25 Aug 2015
South Korea tightens data protection rules 24 Aug 2015
China mergers and acquisitions rise in first half of 2015, says report 24 Aug 2015
China re-starts banking technology discussions 21 Aug 2015
Preparing for new corporate offence of agents facilitating tax evasion 21 Aug 2015
China central bank makes $17 billion available to banks to boost economy 21 Aug 2015
IMF postpones decision on yuan inclusion in SDR basket 21 Aug 2015
Alibaba teams with Chinese army researchers to create satellite positioning service 20 Aug 2015
Etisalat voting rights not open to foreign investors 20 Aug 2015
BNY Mellon to pay $15 million in SEC internships case 19 Aug 2015
Qatar postpones mandatory online wage payment system 19 Aug 2015
Chinese central bank warns of continuing changes 19 Aug 2015
EU plans to ease securitisation rules 18 Aug 2015
Nine banks to pay $2 billion to US investors in rate-rigging case 18 Aug 2015
ECB doubles deadline on bank capital review 18 Aug 2015
Guide: What to expect from your FIDIC dispute adjudication board members 
Singapore identifies companies with "weak Singapore core" 17 Aug 2015
China to invite private capital into logistics network 17 Aug 2015
ESMA recommends streamlined EMIR framework 17 Aug 2015
Oil demand growing at fastest rate for five years 14 Aug 2015
Raid on Uber Hong Kong offices as 'law takes time to catch up with technology', says expert 14 Aug 2015
Monitoring of super-rich finances may rise as a result of tax information exchange, says expert 14 Aug 2015
European technology exit figures on course to double 2014 value 13 Aug 2015
UK sets up international anti-corruption agency 13 Aug 2015
IMF welcomes new RMB exchange mechanism 13 Aug 2015
Tsinghua Holdings uses government backing to challenge Qualcomm dominance 13 Aug 2015
EBA publishes guidelines to encourage cross-border mortgage markets
 12 Aug 2015
China alters central parity system to reflect changes in exchange rate with dollar 12 Aug 2015
China rare earth mining companies hit by falling prices 12 Aug 2015
IMF recommends UAE increase corporate income tax and impose a new vehicle excise duty 11 Aug 2015
China to overhaul state-owned enterprises, says report 11 Aug 2015
France plans privatisation of Nice and Lyon airports 3 Aug 2015


Ruling on PPI commission charge could cost UK banks £33 billion 31 Jul 2015
UK companies to produce anti-slavery supply chain reports, says UK PM 31 Jul 2015
EBA clarifies how to identify global systematically important institutions 30 Jul 2015
Singapore consults on enhanced resolution regime for financial institutions 30 Jul 2015
UK and Singapore sign cyber security pact  30 Jul 2015
UAE employers should consider implementing equality policies in light of anti-discrimination law, says expert 30 Jul 2015
India set to allow foreign lawyers to act in arbitration cases 29 Jul 2015
France to launch call for tenders on 'floating' offshore wind projects 28 Jul 2015
Swiss banks win easier access to German customers 28 Jul 2015
WTO deal reached to cut tariffs on technology products 27 Jul 2015
Bloomberg recognised as multilateral trading facility in Europe 27 Jul 2015
Chinese investment bank files for IPO in Hong Kong 27 Jul 2015
Privacy right more important than journalistic freedom to use publicly available information, says European court 27 Jul 2015
European Investment Bank approves €10 billion in infrastructure loans 24 Jul 2015
UAE to liberalise gas and diesel prices 24 Jul 2015
Covert surveillance activities need independent oversight, says expert 23 Jul 2015
Alibaba to open second cloud computing datacentre in US 23 Jul 2015
Telecoms companies warn on BT takeover of EE 22 Jul 2015
Car groups eye Nokia Here mapping technology 22 Jul 2015
UK announces £6 billion in guarantees for EIB-backed infrastructure projects 22 Jul 2015
Date announced for Hong Kong competition law to come into force 22 Jul 2015
DRIPA incompatible with human rights legislation, says court 20 Jul 2015
ECJ rules on extent of IP Enforcement Directive cost provision in cross border disputes 20 Jul 2015
£20 million government funding and code aim to encourage driverless car tests in UK  20 Jul 2015
Mobile roaming charges to end within two years, says European Parliament 20 Jul 2015
Singapore to make payslips compulsory  16 Jul 2015
EU regulator rules on Huawei v ZTE and the abuse of a dominant position in SEP rights 16 Jul 2015
MEPS add data protection safeguards to draft PNR rules while GDPR progresses according to reports 16 Jul 2015
Banking industry shows increasing interest in blockchain technology 16 Jul 2015
China relaxes rules on foreign investment in its interbank market 16 Jul 2015
Sharp rise in value of construction disputes internationally, says report 16 Jul 2015
EBA publishes list of banks for transparency exercise 16 Jul 2015
Agreement on Iran sanctions a 'game changer' for oil industry, says expert 14 Jul 2015
Chinese Tsinghua Unigroup bids to buy US chip maker Micron 14 Jul 2015
China to issue guidelines on internet finance 14 Jul 2015
Quarter of FTSE350 companies not dealing with rising cyber security risks, says report 13 Jul 2015
Huawei buys remote telecom network management business 13 Jul 2015
World Bank signs cooperation deal to promote development of Islamic finance 13 Jul 2015
New data protection regulation must not reduce level of protection, says EU privacy watchdog 10 Jul 2015
Global sukuk market to halve as major issuer pulls out 10 Jul 2015
Oman to build $600 million solar energy plant to cut country's gas use 10 Jul 2015
BBVA plans fintech spending spree 9 Jul 2015
EBA publishes final standards and guidelines on simplified obligations 9 Jul 2015
Pan-European pension plan proposed 9 Jul 2015
Draft UAE bankruptcy law 'to support business' 9 Jul 2015
Singapore proposes to protect senior bondholders in bank failures 9 Jul 2015
France to spend €1.5 billion on new intercity trains 9 July 2015
European banks strengthen capital position, says EBA 8 Jul 2015
EIOPA publishes technical advice on insurance investment products 8 Jul 2015
Hedge fund analyst jailed for stealing lines of code 6 Jul 2015
UAE to draft laws on corporate tax and VAT 6 Jul 2015
Singapore to remove distinction between international and domestic banking 3 Jul 2015
Singapore proposes central clearing for OTC derivatives 3 Jul 2015
Ofcom fines EE £1 million for poor complaint handling 3 Jul 2015
China joins OECD efforts to end tax evasion 3 Jul 2015
Pensions Regulator managing increasingly complex cases 3 Jul 2015
China passes new security law extending internet controls 3 Jul 2015
French data protection regulator warns 20 websites on cookie use 3 Jul 2015
Agreement reached on Insurance Distribution Directive 2 Jul 2015
FCA loses fight on Mifid II call recording 2 Jul 2015
China calls for investment treaty with Europe 1 Jul 2015
Singapore launches $225 million financial technology initiative 1 Jul 2015
Jordan signs 13 deals for solar and wind power plants 1 Jul 2015
Association of Banks in Singapore gives guidelines for outsourced service providers 1 Jul 2015


Chinese overseas investment to reach $20 trillion, with focus on Europe 30 Jun 2015
ESMA fines DBRS Ratings for internal control failure 30 Jun 2015

Singapore tax authority reclaims millions in fraudulent payouts
 30 Jun 2015
Other renewable energy sources needed to pick up slack from onshore wind, says researcher 30 Jun 2015
Congolese government breaks own rules in sale of mine shares to Glencore 29 Jun 2015
New York looks into possible new rate fixing scandal 29 Jun 2015
China to scrap loan-to-deposit ratio cap for banks 26 Jun 2015
Government to sell off shares in Green Investment Bank 26 Jun 2015
Amended Juncker plan approved by European Parliament 26 Jun 2015
France adopts new surveillance law 26 Jun 2015
Reprimand for Singapore Exchange outages hints at regulatory action banks face for disruption to systems, says expert 26 Jun 2015
EBA issues updated standards on liquidity coverage ratio reporting 25 Jun 2015
Australia to become sixth largest shareholder in AIIB 25 Jun 2015
Bouygues rejects Altice offer for telecoms unit 24 Jun 2015
Alibaba and Ant Financial set up local services joint venture 24 Jun 2015
Saudi Arabia's National Commercial Bank raises one billion riyal sukuk  24 Jun 2015
China to allow foreign ownership of e-commerce businesses 24 Jun 2015
China to promote cross-border e-commerce 24 Jun 2014
UK advising China on PFI 24 Jun 2014
European development bank proposes AIIB infrastructure tie up 24 Jun 2015
UAE signs FATCA tax information sharing deal with US 24 Jun 2015
Altice makes bid for Bouygues Telecom 23 Jun 2015
ECB launches pan-EU securities settlement platform 22 Jun 2015
48% of Middle East and North Africa firms have no anti-corruption policy 22 Jun 2015
UAE launches state bank to finance housing and job creation 22 Jun 2015
French public to vote on digital rights 22 Jun 2015
EU extends sanctions on Russia for further six months 22 Jun 2015
Infrastructure investment rises in emerging economies, says report 22 Jun 2015
Securities financing transactions – draft regulation agreed 19 Jun 2015
UK to reject EU plans for common corporate tax base 19 Jun 2015
European business groups withdraw support for EU common corporate tax 19 Jun 2015
Capital Markets Union should protect cross-border investors and prioritise EU SMEs, say MEPs 19 Jun 2015
Hong Kong to bring long-dormant data protection rule into force 18 Jun 2015
How employers can comply with section 33 of Hong Kong data privacy law 18 Jun 2015
European telcos call for faster regulatory reform 18 Jun 2015
CJEU: European Central Bank's bond-buying programme is legal 17 Jun 2015
Chinese technology company Kunlun invests in UK peer-to-peer platform 16 Jun 2015
EU competition chief concerned about telecoms mergers 16 Jun 2015
Luxembourg, Netherlands and European Commission raise concerns over PSD2 text 16 Jun 2015
Saudi Arabia opens stock exchange to foreign investors 16 Jun 2015
New Zealand to become founding member of Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank 16 Jun 2015
China plans multi-million dollar investment in European infrastructure 16 Jun 2015
Energy sector has critical role in combating climate change, says report 16 Jun 2015
EU investigates Amazon e-books business 16 Jun 2015
China issues draft environmental tax law 15 Jun 2015
Net neutrality rules get go-ahead 12 Jun 2015
G7 leaders commit to transform energy sector 12 Jun 2015
GUIDE: Health and safety obligations for retailers 12 Jun 2015
Ofcom proposes controls on high-speed business line costs 12 Jun 2015
ESAs consult on margins required for non-centrally cleared derivatives 11 Jun 2015
Kuwait to consider local and foreign corporate tax rate harmonisation 11 Jun 2015
Industry backs TV-to-broadband spectrum switch, with reservations 11 Jun 2015
EBA issues technical advice to European Commission on contributions to Single Resolution Fund 11 Jun 2015
Basel Committee consults on capital requirements and interest rate risk 10 Jun 2015
European Parliament postpones TTIP vote 10 Jun 2015
German telecoms company Airdata challenges Telefónica purchase of E-Plus 10 Jun 2015
Deutsche Bank launches investigation into possible money laundering at Russian operations 10 Jun 2015
Alibaba passes final hurdle in moves to open private bank 10 Jun 2015
Chocolate and oil companies join to oppose European regulations 9 Jun 2015
Siemens signs €8 billion Egypt power project deal 9 Jun 2015
China launches online counterfeit crackdown 9 Jun 2015
DAB decisions are immediately enforceable, says Singapore court 8 Jun 2015
Europe postpones deadline for agreement on clearing house capital requirements 8 Jun 2015
Seven new countries sign global tax agreement 8 Jun 2015
China dominates foreign direct investment growth 8 Jun 2015
Pro-business reforms reflect change in French public understanding 8 Jun 2015
UK renewable energy industry threatens legal action over subsidy cuts 5 Jun 2015
EBA: capital positions remain strong across EU banking sector 4 Jun 2015
'Final' PSD2 text published 4 Jun 2015
China and South Korea sign free trade agreement 4 Jun 2015
Chinese company wins contract for world's largest tidal lagoon plant in UK 4 Jun 2015
PRA supports insurer infrastructure investment if adequately capitalised 3 Jun 2015
EU investigators identify €901 million in fraud 3 Jun 2015
HMRC targeting smaller tax evasion cases 3 Jun 2015
Energy companies aim for carbon pricing plan 3 Jun 2015
Record $172 billion in contracts predicted across GCC countries in 2015 3 Jun 2015
Chinese groups fight to buy Portuguese Novo Banco bank 3 Jun 2015
HSE statement on new construction regulations fails to clarify scope, says expert 2 Jun 2015


European Commission launches new circular economy consultation 29 May 2015
EBA publishes guidelines on triggers for resolution 29 May 2015
EU plans to re-launch bid for common corporate tax base 29 May 2015
SEC requires JPMorgan to show communication with Chinese officials 28 May 2015
China looks for private partners for infrastructure projects 28 May 2015
Guangzhou launches home-grown rival to Uber after Uber close-down 28 May 2015
Swiss bank secrecy to come to an end with EU agreement 27 May 2015
Apple looks to launch Apple Pay in China 27 May 2015
EU will continue Amazon tax probe despite change to sales reporting 27 May 2015
EU parliament to vote on voluntary conflict mineral law 27 May 2015
China's ICBC to acquire Turkish bank Tekstilbank 26 May 2015
Amazon begins to book revenues in separate countries in what expert says is response to regulatory pressure 26 May 2015
France opposed UK banking reform exemption 26 May 2015
Hewlett-Packard to sell majority of Chinese networking business 26 May 2015
China and India to take largest stakes in AIIB, says report 26 May 2015
EU aims to remove deadlock on maternity leave 26 May 2015
BHP Billiton to pay $25 million fine on bribery charges over Beijing Olympics 22 May 2015
Tougher money laundering rules endorsed by European Parliament 22 May 2015
Europe moving from coal and gas to renewables, says industry expert 21 May 2015
Five EU countries unable to comply with EBA guidelines on retail payments 21 May 2015
Rio Tinto and Mongolian government agree on Oyu Tolgoi expansion 21 May 2015
Western Australia to sell Fremantle Port to fund new infrastructure 21 May 2015
China to allow bank accounts to be opened online, says report 21 May 2015
European Investment Bank approves €8 billion in energy and infrastructure funding 20 May 2015
Fears over French contract law rewrite are largely overblown, says expert 20 May 2015
Energy project spending cut by $100 billion internationally due to oil price, says report 20 May 2015
EU should reduce burden on companies offering shares to the public, says expert 20 May 2015
Deutsche Bank considers move if UK leaves EU 19 May 2015
Luxury brand owner sues Alibaba over counterfeit goods 19 May 2015
European Union taking right approach on capital markets union, says CBI 19 May 2015
Decision on derivatives exchange rules will not be reached until "summer" 8 May 2015
Hutchison Whampoa sells third of holding in UK mobile business 8 May 2015
Carbon market talks to pick up after Czech move 8 May 2015
China to remove price caps on most medicines 8 May 2015
Main risks to EU financial market stability have intensified, says ESA 7 May 2015
EU call for global investment arbitration court is over-ambitious, says expert 7 May 2015
Saudi Arabia sets rules for foreign investment in stock market 6 May 2015
Malaysian sukuk sales rise 24% to $3.1 billion 6 May 2015
China allows more foreign investment in domestic bond market 6 May 2015
Financial Stability Board agrees work plans on liquidity risks, misconduct 6 May 2015
China tariff cut brought forward to boost domestic spending 5 May 2015
China's manufacturing index unchanged from March 1 May 2015
European Patents Office opens consultation on boards of appeal
 1 May 2015
EU digital single market strategy to involve investigation into online platforms, says report
 1 May 2015
Olam head calls for carbon pricing 1 May 2015


Jordan launches world’s largest internal combustion power plant 30 Apr 2015
World's first formal bitcoin exchange likely to open in New York, says report 30 Apr 2015
China to open bank card clearing market to foreign firms 30 Apr 2015
Cloud investments lead EMEA IT spending, says IDC 30 Apr 2015
Qatar begins $1 billion gas recovery project 30 Apr 2015
China to allow private investment in broadband 30 Apr 2015
Chinese rail company signs $5.5 billion contracts in Africa 29 Apr 2015
UAE brings in new commercial law 29 Apr 2015
Singapore's highest court allows narrow performance bond clauses 29 Apr 2015
Hong Kong Competition Commission targets petrol market  29 Apr 2015
Value of Gulf projects increases by 10%, says report 28 Apr 2015
Financial integration improves across EU, says ECB 28 Apr 2015
China removes tariffs on rare earth exports 28 Apr 2015
Deutsche Bank unveils €3.5 billion cost cutting plans 27 Apr 2015
China fines Mercedes Benz for price fixing 27 Apr 2015
PRA issues supervisory statement on EIOPA Solvency II guidelines 27 Apr 2015
Dubai's DP World plans bond issue to raise up to $1bn in new capital, says report 24 Apr 2015
China's weak IP protection hampers foreign investment, says US secretary of commerce 22 Apr 2015
China makes first Silk Road fund investment 22 Apr 2015
China's central bank uses foreign exchange reserves to boost Silk Road initiatives 22 Apr 2015
New Qatar construction standards and practices may cost contractors, says expert 21 Apr 2015
Mazars buys Roever Broenner Susat to boost German presence 21 Apr 2015
EU to attack Gazprom on antitrust, say reports 21 Apr 2015
Deutsche Bank plans to sell Postbank retail business 21 Apr 2015
China announces pilot free trade zones 21 Apr 2015
European Commission to bring online telecoms regulations into line, says report 20 Apr 2015
French companies caught in the fight against double voting rights attached to loyalty shares 20 Apr 2015
French surveillance bill will affect organisations as well as individuals, says expert 20 Apr 2015
European credit card fee caps come into force 20 Apr 2015
China suspends banking technology regulations, says it will conform to WTO rules 17 Apr 2015
Mobile banking offers solution to the 'unbanked' 17 Apr 2015
Deutsche Bank the target of Dubai regulator's largest ever fine 16 Apr 2015
US Department of Labor allows BNP Paribas to manage retirement funds 16 Apr 2015
Australian commodities trader to launch Islamic commodities trading business 16 Apr 2015
Nokia agrees to buy Alcatel-Lucent 15 Apr 2015
OECD: employment tax burdens rise despite static income tax rates 15 Apr 2015
China turns down Yangtze dam project 10 Apr 2015
Mongolian parliament puts foreign firms' coal deal on hold 9 Apr 2015
Simple investment funds must be monitored for financial stability risk, says IMF 9 Apr 2015
Qatar plans $2.7 billion infrastructure projects 9 Apr 2015
Vivendi in negotiations to buy Dailymotion from Orange 8 Apr 2015
World's largest companies spend $895 billion on tech in 2014, says survey 8 Apr 2015
Italian renewables developer Enel Green Power forms joint venture with Japanese Marubeni 8 Apr 2015
Filmmaker given right to Australian ISP customer details 7 Apr 2015
Tough response required to EU regulators, says US derivatives exchange head 2 Apr 2015
Qatar will make increased use of PPP, says KPMG
2 Apr 2015
Global crowdfunding set to double to US$34.4 billion in 2015, says research company 2 Apr 2015
Germany to stop pharmaceuticals offering doctors 'benefits' for prescribing their drugs 2 Apr 2015
European Central Bank investigates three breaches of SSM rules 2 Apr 2015
UAE plans to increase gas imports 2 Apr 2015
France allows use of cheaper, unlicensed medicine in eye treatment 2 Apr 2015
European Commission action means companies should review tax positions, says expert 2 Apr 2015
More countries join AIIB on deadline day but Japan holds out 2 Apr 2015


CIC to increase international infrastructure investment, says chairman 31 Mar 2015
Alibaba sells 'bad debts' on e-commerce site Taobao
31 Mar 2015
Luxembourg must diversify to build resilient financial sector, says OECD
30 March 2015
Australia, Russia, Denmark, Brazil and the Netherlands apply to join AIIB 30 Mar 2015
Dubai government sets up firm to develop ports internationally 30 Mar 2015
Oil and gas operators should exercise caution in 'scramble for Iran', say expert 30 Mar 2015
South Korea and Turkey apply to join AIIB 30 Mar 2015
Advocate general: reputation of a trade mark enjoyed in one member state may be sufficient in another 27 Mar 2015
Drugs companies collaborate to unlock potential of 100,000 Genomes project 27 Mar 2015
Indonesia open to Chinese investment and economic ties, says president 26 Mar 2015
Hutchison Whampoa finalises £10bn deal to buy O2 from Telefónica 26 Mar 2015
Renminbi likely to be used more internationally, says Lagarde 25 Mar 2015
Germany grants licence to first Islamic banks 25 Mar 2015
French companies to design Medina metro system 24 Mar 2015
EU and Switzerland reach tax transparency agreement 23 Mar 2015
Singaporean competition commission refuses merger of RadLink Asia and Medi-Rad Associates 20 Mar 2015
Alibaba to begin operations in France 20 Mar 2015
Strong year ahead for alternative lending 20 Mar 2015
New competition law regulations published in Hong Kong 20 Mar 2015
European Commission publishes tax information sharing proposals 20 Mar 2015
Dubai Airports to build solar array in partnership with state utility 18 Mar 2015
Huawei teams with SAP to cooperate on internet of things development 18 Mar 2015
US and EU must create coherent laws on net neutrality, says expert 18 Mar 2015
New Home Office entrepreneur test cuts visa numbers 18 Mar 2015
Germany, France and Italy follow UK into Asia investment bank 17 Mar 2015
China begins to implement controversial banking-security IT measures 17 Mar 2015
New EU cross-border insolvency rules approved 16 Mar 2015
Comments on Credit Agricole amount to 'maladministration' in Euribor probe 16 Mar 2015
Islamic Development Bank and Gates Foundation approve US$718m investment in development projects 16 Mar 2015
Tougher health and safety laws for Singapore construction 13 Mar 2015
Alternative providers to lend more than £100m to UK businesses for Alibaba transactions 13 Mar 2015
Dutch court strikes down data retention law 12 Mar 2015
Chinese regulator issues advertising fine to multinational company 12 Mar 2015
Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand agree move towards integrated ASEAN capital markets 11 Mar 2015
EU restricts how much retailers can be charged on card transaction 11 Mar 2015
China to invest 1.6 trillion renminbi in infrastructure projects
11 Mar 2105
Oil and gas deal value up internationally, despite fall in volumes 10 Mar 2015
China to speed up draft of anti-corruption law 10 Mar 2015
Telecoms mergers must not raise consumer prices, EU competition chief says 9 Mar 2015
Guidelines due on Chinese web finance companies 9 Mar 2015
Telecoms mergers must not raise consumer prices, EU competition chief says 9 Mar 2015
European Commission opens €100 million call for energy network infrastructure projects 6 Mar 2015
Indonesia seeks foreign investors for port expansion
6 Mar 2015
CJEU: Electronic books cannot benefit from reduced VAT 5 Mar 2015
China cuts interest rates for second time in three months 5 Mar 2015
Dubai to build US$1 billion financial zone 4 Mar 2015
European Commission to work with Japan, China and the US on 5G mobile standard 4 Mar 2015
EBA will not run EU-wide bank stress test in 2015 4 Mar 2015
Dubai transport authority seeks private partner for train station project 4 Mar 2014
NTT Communications buys majority of e-shelter to expand presence in Europe 3 Mar 2015
Green building summit to be held in Qatar 3 Mar 2015
European patent filings dominated by US and Asia 3 Mar 2015
Alibaba ordered out of Taiwan 3 Mar 2015
Underfunded defined benefit pensions need careful management over next two years, ratings agency says 2 Mar 2015
Civil and commercial arbitration law due soon in Qatar, says report 2 Mar 2015
Concerns over Florange law may be overblowm, says expert 2 Mar 2015
European Banking Authority recommends convergence in crowdfunding legislation 2 Mar 2015


Tax rise for higher income Singaporeans contrasts with Hong Kong approach 27 Feb 2015
US SEC imposes sanctions against China-based accounting firms 24 Feb 2015
Emirates to arrange UK-backed sukuk, sources say 23 Feb 2015
Property show reflects popularity of Dubai investment for Britons 20 Feb 2015
European Commission says securitisation market review will ensure growth not restricted by regulation
20 Feb 2015
Image of Paris as place of arbitration restored by Court of Appeals' 'Affaire Tapie' ruling, experts say 20 Feb 2015
Zambia mining royalty concerns continue, despite offer to defer payment 20 Feb 2015
French government calls for solar power tenders 19 Feb 2015
Mongolian parliament backs solution to copper mine impasse
19 Feb 2015
Technology to secure payment apps from malware launched
19 Feb 2015
Microsoft adopts international privacy standard for cloud services
18 Feb 2015
Singapore proposes rules for securities-based crowdfunding
17 Feb 2015
$200 billion in contracts cancelled due to fall in oil price 17 Feb 2015
Cyber criminals steal $1 billion from banks 16 Feb 2015
Council of the European Union agrees draft on financial benchmark controls
16 Feb 2015
European parliament to set up tax avoidance committee 13 Feb 2015
US firms under pressure in China, report says 13 Feb 2015
Lord Brown calls for North Sea tax to be scrapped 13 Feb 2015
US challenges 'illegal' Chinese subsidies 12 Feb 2015
Data protection and Passenger Name Records discussions should be finalised by end of 2015, say MEPs 12 Feb 2015
European money laundering rules strengthened to undermine terrorist financing 12 Feb 2015
Hong Kong and Singapore outstrip rivals in growth as wealth management hubs 12 Feb 2015
Congolese government suspension of negotiations jeopardises investment, says trade body 12 Feb 2015
European Central Bank proposes adjustments to European Systemic Risk Board 11 Feb 2015
Government must step in on cyber attack risk, says insurer 10 Feb 2015
Mongolians vote 'no' to austerity
10 Feb 2015
German bill to bring fundamental change to data protection law, says expert
9 Feb 2015
Europe-wide current accounts launched 6 Feb 20
Regulator warns of online pension and insurance sales risks for consumers
6 Feb 2015
Sellers of insurance based investment products need conflict of interest policy, says EU regulator
6 Feb 2015
Chinese web users must supply genuine personal details, says watchdog
6 Feb 2015
Brussels begins investigation into Belgian state aid 5 Feb 2015
German quality may beat fast-start US business models, says expert 4 Feb 2015
Alibaba offers funding to US buyers through partnership with Lending Club 3 Feb 2015
Singapore governent aims to set up dedicated network for 'smart nation' project 3 Feb 2015
Chinese manufacturing shrinks for first time in two years 3 Feb 2015
EU balks at further Russia trade sanctions 2 Feb 2015