Analysis pieces

ANALYSIS: Asia Pacific faces unique smart energy challenges 4 Oct 2017
ANALYSIS: PPP Bill expected in Ghana this year 28 Sep 2017
ANALYSIS: Giant trade mark declared invalid, French Supreme Court rules 22 Sep 2017
ANALYSIS: Singapore court rules on apparent bias in construction adjudication 14 Sep 2017
ANALYSIS: Does saying "sorry" have a role to play in resolving international construction disputes? 4 Sep 2017
ANALYSIS: Amendments to Indonesia's new gross split PSC regime: a change for the better, but some uncertainties remain. 5 Sep 2017
ANALYSIS: Security for payment - will head contractors be saved by Commonwealth reforms? 31 Aug 2017
ANALYSIS: Indonesian government u-turn on upstream share transfers and changes of directors 22 Aug 2017
ANALYSIS: Thai Government announces criteria for awards under upcoming oil and gas bidding round 17 Aug 2017
ANALYSIS: Anti-suit injunctions in favour of arbitration a permanent fixture in Singapore, experts say 15 Aug 2017
ANALYSIS: Regulations broaden financial sanctions reporting obligation 14 Aug 2017
ANALYSIS: Indonesian electricity contract regulations raise concerns 1 Aug 2017
ANALYSIS: South East Asia offers a fast growing, but challenging market amid political uncertainty in the west 28 Jul 2017
ANALYSIS: UAE law on arbitration in commercial disputes may be approved this year after 11 years of anticipation 13 Jul 2017
ANALYSIS: Australian industry can learn from PPP woes of UK counterparts 13 Jul 2017
ANALYSIS: German Federal Court of Justice backs arbitration in two rulings 28 Jun 2017
ANALYSIS: Algorithmic pricing raises concerns for EU competition law enforcement 21 Jun 2017
ANALYSIS: French Council of State strikes down international arbitration award 12 May 2017
ANALYSIS: 'Adverse inference' could be drawn from company buyer's refusal to disclose documents, says court 27 Apr 2017
ANALYSIS: Restriction of DIFC courts’ jurisdiction will have impact on arbitral award enforcement 6 Apr 2017
ANALYSIS: Greater detail published on UAE VAT 28 Mar 2017
ANALYSIS: DIFC specialist technology and construction division would be positive step for UAE 23 Mar 2017
ANALYSIS: Cancellation of planned NICs rise may be be followed by more radical action, says expert 17 Mar 2017
ANALYSIS: FCA consultation clarifies plans on insurance distribution directive 8 Mar 2017
ANALYSIS: Client interests must come first during acquisition of other firms, says FCA 2 Mar 2017
ANALYSIS: New UAE labour legislation affects wage protection, Emiratisation and employee accommodation 6 Feb 2017
ANALYSIS: Court's continuation of freezing order shows their value, says expert 1 Feb 2017
FOCUS: Creative contracting models offer answers for Oilfield Services Companies 27 Jan 2017
FOCUS: Indonesia moves to gross split mechanism in attempt to boost investment 20 Jan 2017
FOCUS: German Federal Cartel Office continues fight against over-powerful internet platforms 24 Jan 2017
GUIDE: Adjudication in Ireland Dec 2017
FOCUS: CJEU decision confirms that public declarations do not constitute state aid, says expert 22 Dec 2016
FOCUS: Understanding 'good faith' in ME construction contracts 14 Nov 2016
FOCUS: Australian contractors may face challenges under update to Partnership Victoria requirements, says expert 3 Nov 2016
GUIDE: Amendments to Chinese foreign investment Law Oct 17
FOCUS: New tribunal in Dubai will help clarify jurisdiction, says expert 11 Oct 2016
FOCUS: Quality systems show their worth in the event of a data protection breach, says expert 9 Sep 2016
FOCUS: Singapore industry relieved at low impact of Indonesia tax amnesty 2 Sep 2016
GUIDE: Dubai's compulsory health insurance scheme Aug 2017
FOCUS: Need for minimum standards and mandatory arbitration in BEPS dispute resolution 25 Aug 2016
FOCUS: OBOR will bring benefits to Eastern Europe but will face region-specific challenges 22 Aug 2016
FOCUS: The most northerly OBOR routes may prove the most challenging politically but no route is without difficulty, says expert 22 Aug 2016
FOCUS: African countries which work to understand Chinese approach will be the big OBOR winners, says expert 22 Aug 2016
FOCUS: Chinese infrastructure investment and opportunities welcome in Middle East 22 Aug 2016
FOCUS: OBOR formalises work in South and South East Asia 22 Aug 2016
FOCUS: One Belt, One Road 22 Aug 2016
FOCUS: International Seabed Authority issues draft seabed mining regulations 8 Aug 2016
FOCUS: PPI deadline extension will disappoint firms keen to finalise PPI claims 5 Aug 2016
FOCUS: BREXIT: Leaving EU would affect National Insurance for international employees 3 Aug 2016
FOCUS: Joint Development Area could offer fresh solution to South China Sea dispute 29 Jul 2016
FOCUS: Preparing for VAT in the Gulf 28 Jul 2016
FOCUS: BREXIT: Tax implications for UK businesses in France 8 Jul 2016
FOCUS: BREXIT: Long term nature of infrastructure and energy projects may be attractive to investors, says expert 6 Jul 2016

GUIDE: Notice required for time-extension or extra payment claims under FIDIC contracts
FOCUS: Clear rules can help with problems caused by technology in the workplace, say experts 14 Apr 2016
FOCUS: European courts insist on EU arbitration, says expert 6 Apr 2016
FOCUS: Discrimination legislation likely to force more proactive stance 6 Apr 2016
FOCUS: University accommodation could be included in government ‘starter homes’ scheme, says expert 6 Apr 2016
BREXIT: UK's 'gold standard' health and safety legislation is unlikely to change, says expert 6 Apr 2016
BREXIT: Strong EU role means post-Brexit uncertainty for waste management regulation 4 Apr 2016
BREXIT: How universities can avoid falling foul of EU referendum rules 4 Apr 2016
BREXIT: Companies should act now to future-proof contracts 4 Apr 2016
FOCUS: Companies warned to avoid German 'bounty hunter' schemes 30 Mar 2016
FOCUS: Changes to arbitration mechanism will increase chances of CETA success, says expert 10 Mar 2016
FOCUS: Pre-arbitral referee rules: an undervalued tool 9 Mar 2016
FOCUS: Luxembourg remains vital hub for investments in France, including for the French real estate investment sector 2 Mar 2016
FOCUS: Hong Kong Competition Ordinance is having an impact after just two months, say experts 19 Feb 2016
FOCUS: China-Japan competition growing in high speed rail market, says expert 19 Feb 2016
FOCUS: Innovation investment vital in dealing with future energy demands, says expert 15 Feb 2016
FOCUS: Encouraging business and tourism travel between the UK and China 3 Feb 2016
FOCUS: China's 'one belt one road' policy increasing the ambitions of its energy contractors 8 Jan 2016
FOCUS: Financial services trade body merger welcome but should not be rushed, says expert 10 Dec 2015
FOCUS: China introduces approval process for drugs and medical devices  7 Dec 2015
FOCUS: Russia-Turkey sanctions: businesses must be prepared for change 4 Dec 2015
FOCUS: The Middle East and the oil price crisis – what the next five years will bring 16 Nov 2015
FOCUS: What to expect from the first five years of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 16 Nov 2015
FOCUS: Oil prices to rise within five years as supply restrictions bite 12 Nov 2015
FOCUS: British Wealth Funds could bring clash of objectives 19 Oct 2015
FOCUS: Simplified health and safety consultation for medium-sized French businesses 7 Oct 2015
FOCUS: Chinese arbitration adapts to international market 28 Sep 2015
FOCUS: Reaching the Chinese consumer: e-commerce sales models for China 28 Sep 2015
FOCUS: French Supreme Court rules that guarantors can challenge arbitration cases 15 Sep 2015
FOCUS: Indonesian currency requirement confusing for foreign companies, says expert 27 Aug 2015
FOCUS: Iran sanctions agreement: joint comprehensive plan of action 21 Jul 2015